Sometimes you need, ARTISTIC LICENSE TO Get things done.

The story of four women, Laura, Michelle, Hanny and Sheila. All four are looking for love on their own terms, which at times leads to severe consequenses.

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Michelle is an art expert, with a positive outlook on life. Laura a social worker, similarly has an optimistic view of life. Hanny is an art gallery owner and very high maintenance. Sheila is a brilliant and as yet undiscovered artist.

The path they each take is quite dissimilar and they travel arduous roads, looking for love and romance. Guided by their own personalities, they look for selfish reasons and some with selfless motives.

It’s inevitable fate puts Michelle and Laura on collision courses speeding out of control with Sheila and Hanny standing their paths.

Michelle is drawn to women that want ot use her for their own satisfaction, making her feel worthless. Michelle sees great potential in the artist Sheila, but the borderline sociopath is only concerned about living moment to moment. Thus Michelle bounces, in and out of various bed, hoping for happiness. Unfortunately every attempt comes to a sorrowful ending.

Laura, on the other hand has taken a more direct path, abeit more dangerous at times. Always ready to help when someone is in need. At times this good Samaritan attitude has put Laura in danger more than once.

Michelle and Laura seem worlds apart, Laura in California and Michelle in the Midwest. Can it be possible for their paths to cross. Read Artistic License and see how it works out.


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