An Ode to Cyndi Lauper: GIRLS HAVING FUN!

Spenser and Hanna have been lifelong friends, even to the point of working in the same office together. The friendship takes a twist, when Spenser plans to seduce her friend. Something she has fantasized about for a long time.



Spenser fantasizes about her best friend Hanna, even during intense sessions of self-gratification. When she is invited to spend the weekend with Hanna, along with another friend Aria, while her husband in out of town. Aria has to decline, thus leaving Spenser to work her wiles on her friend, and soon has her naked in bed.

The third friend who was unable to make the overnighter, Aria, shows up the next morning at Hanna’s house, and is greeted by the two, at the door, both nude and dripping wet from a mutual shower. Aria is torn by the shock of the two, friends and now lovers, and feels confused as to how to handle the situation. She decides she should get out of her clothes ASAP

The three passionate women come to grips with their bisexuality and someone decides to be daring and try some intimacy outside in their old secret place, from when they were children. It’s at the secret place, and the addition of two other co-worker, the action ramps up several notches. Nothing is out of bounds for the five hot women.

Sorting out who is doing what to whom, becomes an arousing past time and there are five young women, laying exhausted, and satisfied by the time the erotic day comes to an end.


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