The Back Door Guest

If you liked “Alway Start at the Rear”, you’ll really enjoy this latest release from Candice Christian.

Gabby, an unemployed schoolteacher, has been driving for hours, trying to get back home from a recent job interview. She gets caught in a rainstorm and still has several hours to go. She spots a small Inn and pulls over for, what she believes will be the night.




A teacher, Gabby, looking for a job, has traveled a long distance for an interview. She tries to do the return trip in one day. But bad weather force her to stop at a quaint roadside Inn for the night.

The Inn, The Isis Pub and Inn, is owned by Jayne, who also is also the bartender in the pub. The older Jayne, takes a shine to Gabby and the younger teacher, is flattered with the attention. Gabby also realizes, the bar is filled with nothing but women customers. It is a pub that caters to lesbian, and women of all persuasions.

When the pub closes for the night, Jayne shows Gabby to her room, and gives her a very warm kiss good night, then heads to her own quarters. The kiss has Gabby wound up and aroused, to the point she goes to Jaynes room and ends up spending, not just that night but, several days in the throes of passion with Jayne.


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