Two young women, working in a dance club, are asked to act in a series of private adult movies by a wealthy collector of lesbian porn.

cassie's private collection cover

Nadia and Kait are two twenty something girls working in an adult dance club. Nadia is reeling from a split with her boyfriend and gravitates to Kait, one of the dancers, and they become close friends.

Kait tells Nadia about the lesbian activities among the dancers and she learns that there is a dancer at the club, lusting for Nadia. The girl pining for Nadia is Lauren, and Lauren soon has Nadia in bed and ravishing Nadia’s body.

A new dancer gets hired at the club, Syndi, and tells Kait about the private adult films she does for a wealthy woman collector, in Colorado. She urges Kait and Nadia to apply and see if they can make some quick cash.

The girls are excited about their trip to Colorado and the chance to do a movie together, and though they have never been intimate with one another, they vow to remain that way until they appear in their first film. Both women find the work grueling and at the same time quite satisfying.


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