Katie is twenty years old and still lives at home with her parents. Not sure what to do with her life, she works in a shoe store part time. Then, one Tuesday night her world changes due to a mysterious customer with an anal fixation.


lesbian heartthrob

Katie lives at home with her parents. She works part time hoping to find out what she wants from her life. Then one Tuesday night a mysterious customer enters her store and Katie’s life changes forever.

The stranger, Alicia, is a wealthy business owner and a lesbian. She does her best to find ways to seduce the young salesclerk, using every form of trick she can think of. Alicia see Katie as her real-life heartthrob.

Their first meeting leaves both women confused but aroused, both still wanting more of what started in the store. Fantasies and self-pleasure take up both women’s time waiting for another opportunity to get together.

Finally, Alicia throws caution to the wind and has a message delivered to the store where Katie works. The message is an invitation to come to Alicia’s office after the store closes.

Heart beating out of control, Katie’s walks to the office space and riding the elevator to the 21st floor, her thoughts on one thing, getting close to Alicia.


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