No Holds Barred, Lesbian Underground Mixed Martial Arts.

A Lesbian Underground Mixed Martial Arts tournament as seen through the lustful eyes of one of the waiting participants

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Underground Mixed Martial Arts

An International Underground Mixed Martial Arts tournament is related by Myriam, one of the waiting participants. Combatants are announced at random by some unknown selection process.

The matches are intense, few rules and the object is to win, and do it with a lot of humiliation to the loser. The first two fighters are Aki and Mila. An intense struggle leaving one of the girls out cold on the floor of the cage.

The second struggle involves Mikki and Mila. This battle is close and in doubt until a victor emerges, by ravaging the loser’s body in numerous sensual attacks. The winner, however, helps the loser from the combat area and leaves with her, hand in hand, perhaps to resume a round two.

The final match is Lena and Joycelyn and here, one fighter gets herself so aroused prior the beginning of the fight, she loses focus on the fight itself. One girl starts off like a house afire, using a cheap shot to gain an early advantage, but the ending takes a strange twist and the well-used and humiliated loser is carried out on the victor’s shoulders, to be further used as her plaything.

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