Angie finds herself the victim of an alien abduction. What happens to her is like an episode of Star Trek. She is thrown into an erotic life or death struggle with an green alien humanoid female, for the pleasure of her captors.

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Angie is alone on a weekend camping trip, and during the evening of her first night, she is abducted by aliens. Whisked away, and confused, she is taken to the Mother Ship, and there she is subjected to comprehensive examination by her captors, six armed beings.

The probing and prodding of her nude body cause her, to become sexually confused and finds herself responding to the research performed on her, in a very sexual way. Leaving her alien captors confused at her responses, and thus prolonging the examination on her body.

Later she becomes aware of another female getting abducted from earth, while watching monitors in her cell. In a strange way, she is relieved as at least she will not be the only human female on the space craft. She and the new captive, Jane, become fast friends and both undergo many more examinations, resulting in further piquing the interests of the aliens, especially the lead ‘doctor’ performing the exams. Angie and Jane believe they have discovered their first ‘alien pervert’ as the alien is obsessed with the women’s bodily fluids.

Along the way, one of the tests Angie and Jane are subjected to is an altercation with a very agitated humanoid, green skinned alien. The alien female is called Shahna, and she seems to have an instant dislike for Angie and tries her best to rip Angie’s face off. Angie must wait some time to find out why she is hated by the other humanoid so much. When she learns it comes as a climactic surprise.


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