Easter Surprise! If you liked ‘Fighting for Grades’; you will love, SURPRISE PACKAGE!

Julie is having a difficult time with her Professor, Yvonne. The two women just try to antagonize each other. This goes on until Julie confronts her tormentor and they agree to settle it, once and for all.




Julie is a student at a small college in a small town. This semester she is having a huge issue with her Professor Yvonne. The two of them are like oil and water.

The antagonism between the two builds until Julie calls Yvonne out, and tells her the only solution is to settle it woman to woman. Wrestle! The loser will defer to the winner for the rest of the semester.

What Julie didn’t know, was Yvonne had been working the antagonism angle to get to the point where the hot headed teen would want to fight. It seems the stately Professor has another life as a professional wrestler, The Grappling Dominatrix. She has been itching to get her hands on Julie.

The two woman put their private plans into place, Yvonne invites a select group to watch Julie’s humiliation, and Julie asks Chris to come and act as her partner if things get out of hand. Chris, an experience wrestler, is more than happy to oblige hoping they do get out of hand.

The match between Julie and Yvonne goes totally in the Professor’s favor. Leaving the sexy teen a quivering pile of Jell-O on the mat, when she finishes with her.

To give Julie another chance, and make things a bit more even, the women move to a three fall tag team match. Julie get her chance to unleash her frustration on Tina, Yvonne’s partner, and has Tina begging for mercy. Julie is unrelenting and works Tina over until she gets things to her liking.

The reality of the situation becomes clear when Julie allows Tina to tag Yvonne and Julie knows her fortunes are about to turn. But she is able to escape to the ropes and tag her partner Chris, setting the stage for one humongous surprise.


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