The Weekend Release: Pet’s Sound! New from Candice Christian.

Samantha, a business owner from Gibraltar, is in Chicago in hopes of finding a new pet to take back home with her. She has her keen eyes on Jenna at the moment.

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Sexy Southern Belle Jenna is from Mountain Brook Alabama, and is Chicago at the request of a friend, to witness a new club opening.

Exotic Samantha, a non-nonsense business owner from Gibraltar, is in Chicago to find a pet to take back home with her. A two legged pet, with superb breasts and a curvaceous backside.

As fate would have it, both women show up at the same club, and the strong attraction each has for the other has them poised to become more than casual acquaintances, each fully aware of the role they will play in the erotic drama that is about to play out.

Later in Samantha’s hotel room, the atmosphere takes on a tense, erotic cat and mouse game tone. Each hoping to get from the other the satisfaction they anticipate. Jenna is in it for the thrills, and Samantha just loves the Pet Sounds.


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