The count down is complete, and Candice Christian would like to introduce ‘COOKIE MARTIN-WRESTLING MECHANIC’


Cookie is a retired military vet from the USMC. She lives alone, runs a small body shop in a nearby town, in the beautiful Mountains of West Virginia and occasionally like to wrestle nude.

cookie martin wrestling mechanic V2

Cookie Martin, a retired marine, lesbian, mechanic and part time wrestler. She lives in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia. After leaving the Corps, she opened a small auto body shop, and also began renovating a rustic cabin along the Lumberjack Trail.

One Friday after closing her shop, she is awakened by a knock at the door, by shabbily dressed girl that appears to be down on her luck or in need of some help. Kitty Katz, she tells Cookie, is her name and she is a victim of a robbery. While the young woman explains her appearance at Cookie’s cabin, something about the story of being robbed on the trail, seems odd to Cookie.

Kitty spends the night, and helps Cookie with odd jobs around the cabin the next day. In the course of their conversations, both women admit enjoying wrestling against other women. Nude. The conversation has both women, anticipating a match the next day.

The match becomes everything each woman wanted out of it. Cookie hoped that as a result of the closeness of their workout, perhaps Kitty would tell her the real story as to why she appeared at Cookie’s doorstep.


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