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Romantic Lesbian Erotica Vol. 1 is a sweet selection of 10, Ten, tales of romantic and erotic girl on girl interludes. Over 400 pages of great erotic reading. 

Beauty over Torture:

Sunni is a struggling P.I. in Cincinnati Ohio. Things look up when a mysterious beauty comes to her office and asks her to find the Orb of Orbuculum

Obsessive Behavior:

Morgan, The daughter of Brittany’s best friend, comes to visit Britt and her husband at their beach house in Florida

Only Love can Break a Heart:

A beautiful story of two young teens, reunited after ten years. Cleo and Sophia, take up where they left off, as though there had been no decade separation.

The Fetish Feast:

Mikki and Lynn work together, and Lynn has asked Mikki out for a date. Her first ever girl- girl date. Both girls have different expectations and fetishes

Don’t See No Lights a’Flashin’:

Thirty something Nicole is a divorced mother of two, working as a first responder for an ambulance company. She has become friends with a younger co-worker, Gail, and the two spend a lot of time together, but Gail shocks her friend when she leads her to believe she is into girls.

The Wandering Vixen:

Lori is a thirty something librarian, and as fate would have it, she crosses paths with a sexy, free spirit, punk rocker, Sydney, who lives like a street person.

The Dream Lover:

Alex is recently divorced and owns a fashion catalog business. When the new photographer she has hired for the catalog pictures causes her libido to spike. She can’t get her out of her dreams.

Dirty Laundry:

Kentucky girls Jodi and Chelsey, fall in love after meeting in a night club. The passion fires continue for a year or so, until Jodi learns Chelsey is fooling around on her.

Aye, There is the Rub:

Mallory is a married mother of two, works full time, and lives a very hectic life. So when Brianna, stops by to relate her vacation stories of Barbados, and show off her souvenir, understandably Mallory falls to sleep during her long monolog.

The Bikini or the Baby Doll:

Tina and Kate are in love with each other. They just haven’t told each other yet. Tina turns to a mature friend, Alex, to help Tina make the first move.


Lesson Learned is  about Porsha,  a spoiled brat, who treats everyone she comes in contact with, like dirt. Until she runs into an old rival Rhonda.

Spoiled college athlete, Porsha, has made her way in life treating everyone around her like gum on her shoe. A real brat that expects things to always go her way.

One night, on a date with her boyfriend Greg, Porsha runs into Rhonda, an old rival from high school. No one knows why Rhonda is on the campus since she has transferred to another college for more advance classes.

Soon, however, Porsha learns that her world, as she knew it, was about to change. Rhonda seems to have plans to make sure of that. Almost at every turn Rhonda is around to steal Porsha’s thunder.

Rhonda humiliates Porsha in several contests of athletic ability, and just seems to always be able to do a bit better than Porsha. She steals Porsha’s boyfriend and then initiates Porsha into the unknown territory, for Porsha, of lesbian sex. Rhonda seems to have all of Porsha’s lessons planned, and all that is left is to see if Porsha has learned her lessons.

Rhonda has made it clear, Porsha is going to get it in the end, no matter what.


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