Kelsey is an ambitious girl, raised by neglectful mother. She quickly learns the world is all about the Predators and the Prey to survive.



Kelsey is raised, from the time her father died, in a biker gang community. Mom was wasted most of the time and things happened to Kelsey that never should have.

They learned to survive in the violent environment, mud wrestling, cat fighting and sex fighting, for the gang members. Sometimes Mom was aware, sometime not,. It continued that way until Kelsey’s mom passed away. Leaving Kelsey to learn to fend of herself.

Early in her ‘orphan stage’ Kelsey developed a set of goals, and principals to live by. The main principal was to ‘never be someone’s prey’ always be the predator. She learned soon that, that mantra helped her move through life with great success.

Her big chance to hit the big time came in San Diego, in a well-orchestrated catfight that Kelsey initiated. Showing many sides of her personality, she was able to demonstrate that she could endure much pain, and dish out just as much. She also learned that sometimes you need to lose the battle to win the war.

She eventually landed in good stead with Dylan, a very wealthy lesbian that is fascinated by girl wrestling and enamored over Kelsey. Will Kelsey find her pot at the end of the rainbow or will she get squashed and trashed by a jealous wife?


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