Jenna and Kenzie have been together for ten years. They plan to celebrate the milestone anniversary with dinner out. The two live in a unique relationship, really a stormy romance. And they like it that way.


Kenzie and Jenna begin the day of their tenth anniversary with a hot time in the sack, just after waking up, before either can even use the bathroom. It is obvious their relationship is a unique one. They engage in a very competitive physical dual that leaves one of them exhausted and the other very aroused.

The two also belong to the Mothers Wrestling Club, in fact that is where they met. Jenna being the Alpha in the relationship she is drawn to the cute Kenzie for her never give up attitude, and her love of wrestling.

To celebrate the anniversary, the two plan an intimate dinner out, to connect with their emotions for each other. However, while waiting on a table, Billie, a stranger, insinuates herself into their celebration. Jenna is not thrilled, but for some reason Kenzie sees it as an opportunity.

In the ladies room Billie and Jenna have a meeting of the minds and, Billie winds up going home with the two lesbian lovers. Unaware of what lies ahead. It becomes a long and physically and sexually exhausting evening. Ending in humiliation for the stranger, disappointment for one partner, and satisfaction for the other.


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