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Shane flies to LA for a business trip, and her “hobby” and literally runs into Brigette Bernard, a famous movie star. From there everything spirals out of control.

Shane works for a 3D Tech company and flies to LA for a seminar. Right as she is leaving the airport in her rental car, she crashes into the back of a famous movie star, Brigette Bernard. And the star is not happy.

She agrees to forget the accident, if Shane will submit to her jaded desires for a day. Shane thinking it can’t be that bad, and it will save her eight grand for repairs, she agrees. Shane really works for that eight grand and then some.

Her ordeal complete, Shane calls her friend Dana who lives in nearby Las Vegas, and tells her the detail of her ‘incarceration’ at the hands of the famous actress. Instead of empathy from Dana, she is shocked when she realizes the story has aroused her old school friend. She never saw that coming.

The two friends slowly heat up the relationship, to a boiling point and just when things look to be at their steamiest, Shane’s ex-husband busts into her friend’s home and catches the two sweating up the sheets.

Frank the ex-husband is really there to see if Shane is going to participate in her unique hobby while she is in Vegas. She tells him to get lost. Dana tells him not to let the door hit him in the butt on the way out.

Shane takes Dana with her to watch her engage in her hobby. The venue, right from the start has Dana ill at ease, and when she learns what the hobby is, she begins to have doubts about her new lover. While watch Shane, Dana is shocked and leaves, with only a short note of good bye.

Shane has little time to pine over Dana’s reactions, as she catches an early flight back home and crashes. Before settling into her night’s slumber she hears her neighbors quarreling heatedly, but not enough to keep her awake, she was so exhausted.

The next day after work, Shane runs into her neighbor at the grocery store, and learns that her neighbor, Tina is in an abusive relationship and offers her a place to stay to avoid any more conflict. Tina is grateful, and slowly Shane begins to see more potential in Tina than she ever had with Dana.


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