Through the Past Hotly!

Some of the Best stories by Candice Christian, now available on Smashwords for the first time.

Women’s Unquenchable Desires

There are ten great stories in this collection. This collection will be a great gift for the Valentine’s Day. Especially for someone you know that enjoys female erotica.

CAN YOU SEE ME NOW: Caitlyn calls about ad regarding an easy job; as a house sitter and dog sitter. It seemed pretty tame. Was she in for a shock?

LEAVING HER BEHIND: An Earth Mission to Colonize Uncivilized Planets Spirals Completely Out of Control for the Captain and the Crew.

LOVE RESURRECTED: Millions of light years from earth, Capt. Sybil Blackmon’s crew finds a container floating in space. The container holds a body that’s been dead for nearly a decade.

POSING FOR LIZZIE: a recent high school grad, Morgan is looking for a job, without much luck. Then fortune smiled on her in the person of Victoria

SCHOOL SPIRIT: Two women with completely different lives, are thrown together to solve a decade old murder in a small Alabama town.

UNDER HER THUMB: Two Old Girlfriends from Russia Meet Up in Hawaii and the reunion creates some real heat.

TENSION RELIEF: Steffi, a woman entering middle age, is plagued by a spark-less marriage, excess weight, tension and no social life.

THE SOUND OF SILENCE: A struggling young girl takes in a girl even poorer than herself. The result is a romance that endures the worst conditions

THE STUDY OF SCARLET: A beautiful red haired girl, Sandi, moves in across the hall from Megan and Mandi. Sandi is soon the sole obsession of both girls

THE QUICKSAND OF DESIRE: (Also titled Passion on the Trip to Campeche) Christi’s husband Ric has asked her to play nurse-maid to his boss’s wife.


               Delicious Dirty Dozen

Delicious Dirty Dozen: Twelve of the Wildest Lesbian Tales Released by Candice Christian. Filled with Romance, Passion, Fetish and each and every one very erotically stimulating in its own unique way. – All in One Book!

A Stand Up Girl: Stella Is a Girl Haunted by an Encounter with Another Lesbian. As Much as She Tries to Put It from Her Mind, the Memory Cascades Over Her.

April’s Showers: April works in a bank, she is a lesbian, and one of the wealthiest customers has her eyes on April. For the good of the bank April takes one for the team.

Beauty over Torture: Sunni is a struggling P.I. in Cincinnati Ohio. Things look up when a mysterious beauty comes to her office and asks her to find the Orb of Orbuculum

Carnival of Shame: Morgan is about to inherit a fortune when her Uncle Arthur dies. To Morgan’s shock, on his deathbed Arthur asks Morgan to find his long lost illegitimate child.

Four on The Floor: Four Girl friends from work, decide to have a ‘girl’s night in’. Good Food, great wine and some pretty risqué television shows. The recipe for erotic behavior

Gifts of Love: Crystal Is an Up and Coming Writer and While Celebrating Her Latest Publication with a Cup of Coffee in Her Favorite Coffee Shop, She Befriends Two Young Co-Eds.

Going For The Gold: Jill and her friend Randi, attempt to explore every wild erotic fetish that they can think of, over a series of several weeks.

Hurting Inside: Noel, a proud confident, athletic, young woman and Hope, a shy, introverted writer; struggle with getting their romance off the ground.

Legal Bondage: Tasha, hires Patti as a law clerk, for her Law Practice. While the mysterious Patti has very few qualifications, Tasha see real potential for her in other services.

Love by Candlelight: Teresa and Pati are lovers, romantically looking after each other and very much in tuned with each other’s needs.

Martini Lounge Hookup: Two Young Girls, Bev and Steph, Meet in an Exclusive Martini Lounge in Manhattan. Between the Booze and the Innuendos. They Soon Head to Bev’s Place for Sex

Reflection on a Golden Eye: Britt picks Jackie up in a public restroom. After some brief preliminaries, Jackie suggests they go back to her place to finish up.


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