TWO NEW RELEASES. ONE IS BRAND NEW, THE OTHER IS A VICTIM OF MY SWITCH FROM AMAZON.  Two of my favorite themes, Sci-Fi and Lesbian Erotica. How hot is that?

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PERFUMED INTRUDER: Lizbeth is startled by a black garbed intruder when she is left home alone. The Intruder is a smooth talker and convinces Lizbeth to help her rob her husband’s safe, among other things. THE INTRUDER IS A WOMAN.

Lizbeth’s husband Ross is called back into work late in the evening, leaving his sexually frustrated wife home alone. Moments after Ross leaves a black garbed intruder, smelling of expensive perfume, finds a way into their home.

Lizbeth is at first terrified, and then shocked. The intruder then smoothly talks Lizbeth out of her fear. And the intruder’s efforts pay off, because Lizbeth begins to respond to the intruder’s overtures.

Lizbeth and the intruder run an emotional gamut during her home invasion. A hypnotic fascination overcomes Lizbeth. She is no stranger to bi-sexuality and unbelievably this leaves Lizbeth wanting a return engagement. Even though the intruder has robbed Lizbeth and Ross of a great deal of money.

The charade plays out even to Las Vegas and it is there that Lizbeth initiates a relationship with the intruder. A relationship that evolves into a mistress/slave attachment. Even allowing herself to be used to service the intruder’s clients.

One clients calls herself Domme, actually a well to do Soccer Mom, and Lizbeth becomes her slave for an afternoon. Lizbeth revels in the humiliation she is forced to endure and leaves Domme’s home satisfied and five dollars richer.


PANACEA OF TIME: Jill and Tami, long time lovers, decide to use a time machine to reverse an operation both of them had when they were infants

Jill and Tami, have both had operations when they were babies. The operations have had a major impact on their adult lives.

Jill is an assistant to an esteemed physicist, who has created a limited functioning time machine. Jill convinces her lover Tami to use the time machine to correct the effects of their operations and enhance their love life.

Not heeding the old warnings Einstein about the paradox of changing the past, the women unleash an unimaginable chain reaction. One that changes their lives forever.

Jill awakens into a dystopian world, plagued by a virus caused by the effects of the use of time travel. Thus, leading Jill on a journey to find out what happened to Tami and fine a way back to her own time.


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