Now on Kobo. Candice Christian’s New Release. TINA ON THE REBOUND!

Reeling from a difficult breakup with her ex-lover, Jayda goes on the prowl for companionship and finds Tina.



Jayda is a woman depressed over a breakup with her recent lover. She has remained in self-imposed isolation, for some time and decides tonight is the night to hit the club scene and look for romance.

Bruised and fragile in her depressed state of mind, self-doubt nearly causes her to bolt from the club, but her two gay friends, Jimmy and Sully provide the encouragement she needs to stay rather than run from the club.

Soon, fate smiles on Jayda and she meets Tina, at the bar, ordering the same drink. The conversation between them moves quickly and things look promising. Jayda is filled with optimism this night is going to end well.


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