ROMANCE, EROTICA & LESBIANS a real triple threat!

‘The Tale of the Mistress & the Step-Mother’ is a story for fans of older women dominating younger women. A story filled with the erotica pleasure and penetrating emotions.


The Tale of the Mistress & the Step-Mother is a story for fans of older women dominating younger women. A story filled with the ecstasy of excruciating penetration.

Anna, the Step-Daughter, is having a hot time with her Step-mother each night. Lena has discovered her step daughter is aroused by being dominated. A situation that seems to satisfy both women.

Olivia becomes aware of this twisted union and decides to become part of there debauchery. Lena, the Step-Mother is eager to have Olivia join them and anxiously awaits the night Anna is introduced to Olivia’s brand of ‘education’.

The trio hit it off famously and and in no time Olivia has arranged for a cumming out party for Anna in an exclusive circle of women who lust after young beautiful women.

Anna is introduced to a long list of sordid degradation and her high point is being used by the black Amazon Betty until she is a quivering glob of jell-o.


‘Fox Hunt’ is about Anna  an emerging lesbian female. The interlude with her roommate emboldens her to move on to other willing eager ladies

Anna has a rule to never sleep with a roommate, a female roommate that is. However in a moment of weakness she falls victim to a highly aroused roommate, Kellie and breaks her cardinal rule.

Satisfied she made a good decision, with Kellie, Anna has her eyes set on a longtime girlfriend, Becca. Becca has her own agenda and suggests a ménage a trois with Becca’s husband. Anna, decides to first test the waters with the anxious Becca to see if the stars are aligned right for them to begin a relationship.

Anna, very confident in her sexual attraction, reaches out on a business trip to a willing beauty in a red dress, and is very surprised she meets with even less resistance that she imagined. This Lady in Red, Sabrina, also has her own needs and entices Anna into an entirely new sexual encounter. Anna is accepts the offer and enters the bed of the lovely lady in red, exhilarated at the thought of the new experience. .


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