Jessica was-BOUND TO LOSE



Jessica, has had a run of bad luck in her love life. But even though living on the shores of Lake Michigan she is able to hook up with many tourists. She just never is able to close the deal. And most of her relationships, often ends in disaster.

Her latest relationship is with Nicole and begins with all the promise of the ideal connection. But a black cloud comes over the two and the bitter breakup leave Jessica on the edge of a nervous breakdown.

She takes drastic measures during her depression, and joins convent. She is now Sister Sophia and even in her isolated surrounding her yearning for companionship get the most of her. She and another nun, discover their desire for each other and the world begins to look brighter for Sophia (Jessica).

That is until the Reverend Mother Sister spies the two nuns making love in a deeply wooded area. The reality finally sets into the wayward nun’s mind she is bound to lose no matter the circumstances.


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