Tanya Singer was the star of a short-lived TV series about a wild jungle girl called the Beastmistress. Her voluptuous figure, made her costume come alive and help many young men through puberty.

Though the show had been cancelled over thirty years, a rising film producer decides to reboot the show into a feature film. Tanya, past her prime, was able to secure a role in the movie, and was invited to the party to celebrate the end of the filming.

Long since forgotten by the A-list actors, Tanya is able to tour the elaborate mansion where the party is held and not call attention to herself. Stumbling into a trophy room of sort, she spies a copy of the costume she wore on the TV series.

Her memories are interrupted in the by the new ‘Beastmistress’ actress, Chelsey Street. The beautiful young actress, fawns all over the older actress telling how much she admired her, and how she rocked that leopard bikini they both were examining.

The two strike up a friendly conversation, and Tanya learns that teen boys were not the only ones that fantasized over Tanya in the bikini. Revealing a side of Chelsey unknown to the public.

At Chelsey’s suggestion they head to Chelsey’s room, where they can reveal more of themselves to one another.




Suzanne has just finished an engagement with her middle aged lesbian client, Joyce. She is seeing her off after the payment, and Suzanne is ready to call it a day, after three clients.

Before she can get ready for bed, a knock at the door announces the impending trouble about to enter her life. The person at the door rushes past Suzanne, without a word. Making Suzanne both puzzled and angry.

She learns her visitor is Joyce’s daughter Priscilla, who proceeds to reveal her plan to blackmail Suzanne unless she pays her the fee her mother just paid and then ‘services’ Priscilla. Balking at first, Suzanne does listen to the terms of the blackmail and is now just a bit unnerved.

Pondering quickly, the hooker, decides to, play along at first and then put the young girl in her place, if not wear her out. The teen needs to be put in her place and humiliated. Then the drama begins.

The young girl, Priscilla is not to be taken lightly and rebounds from the humiliation Suzanne dishes out, in a attempt to dissuade Priscilla from further attempts at blackmail.

Suzanne learns, to her dismay, Priscilla in not so easily dismissed; and control of the situation in the prostitute’s bedroom undergoes, a dramatic ebb and flow, and the resolution is in doubt almost until the last moment.

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