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My husband Mike, was taking the last of his things from the bedroom. I watched him with some amusement, knowing one word would change his mind. But that was not going to happen.
Upon some serious reflection I had decided, he was a snake and I would never give him the satisfaction of agreeing to his wishes.
“That’s everything.” Mike announced.
“Okay, if you are missing anything give me a call, and let me know so I can have it sent to your new address.” I replied.
Hi! I am Anne. I was a 43 year old married woman, so why the title? Well, I was a virgin or virtuous, in one respect until very recently. My husband and I enjoyed a healthy if unadventurous sex life. However it was not my husband who woke me up to what I had been missing. I will let some of the cat out of the bag, or should I say pussy out of the bag, by saying I lost my second virginity to another woman.
My husband and I have experienced sex in many positions, including oral and anal. However like many men, he was not very happy performing oral sex on me. But when he did, it felt good. He also enjoyed watching me masturbate, but I never tasted my own juices, at least with him!
My husband was out of town on a business trip, so I invited a friend over for supper. We opened some wine, ate our supper and relaxed with another bottle in the family room. Amy, my friend, had brought some adult DVDs with her and suggested we sit down and watch a couple.
The first one was a standard all male-female fucking and sucking with cum all over her tits and ass. The second one she put in was all-female. I had had only one sexual contact with another girl and that was at school. I was an early developer in the boob department. One of the other girls rubbed them one day in the shower at school. It felt nice, but nothing further came of it. Now I was watching a shower scene with one girl rubbing another’s boobs and it brought it all back.
“Have you ever had sex with another woman?” Amy asked.
I told her about the shower incident at school and asked if that counted.
“How about you, have you ever had sex with another woman?” I asked.
She replied, “Yes, I have several times, but not for the last six months though.”
We watched the movie for a while longer and I started to get hot! Amy was fidgeting too.
“You find this exciting too, don’t you?” she asked.
I had to admit I did. Amy then reached for the waistband of her leggings and slid her hand down inside to her pussy and started rubbing herself. Then I did something I never thought I would do; I got up and walked over to her, sat down beside her and put my hand down her shorts on top of her hand.
She looked at me in complete surprise, but did nothing to stop me. She held my wrist with her other hand and took her hand out leaving only my hand down her panties. I felt her small patch of hair and her wetness. It did not feel any different to my own, except I could not feel anything when I rubbed between her pussy lips.
She obviously could though! She then slid her hand down the front of my yoga pants and inside my panties. Her hand found my soaking wet sex organ and started stroking up and down the slit. It felt wonderful and we both sat back and diddled each other until we came.
My panties were a mess and so were hers. Our shower is not that big, but two people can fit in it. I took her hand and led her upstairs to the bathroom. There I lifted her tee shirt over her head and reached round behind her to find the catch to her bra. I then slid it off her chest and down her arms. She lifted my shirt over my head and undid my bra. We stood facing each other topless.
She reached forward and pulled down my lululemon yoga pants ( I think my butt looks great in yoga pants) and panties in one movement and I stepped out of them and stood naked in front of my friend. She pulled down her leggings (leggings are about like yoga pants, but not a chance of camel-toe wearing them) and panties and stood in front of me naked. Then she put her hands up and started caressing my boobs.
It felt so good! She broke off and I turned on the shower. When it was warm, we stepped in together. Because it was not very big, we were touching. I felt her boob on my arm and our hips touched. Every touch felt like an electric shock I was so sensitive and turned on. We turned towards each other and I took her hands in mine. Our boobs brushed together and then I knew that I was going to let her do whatever she wanted to me and I would reciprocate.
I let go of her hands and put my arms round her. She put her arms around me too and then our faces turned to each other and our lips met. It was gentle at first and then our mouths opened and our tongues met in battle. The kiss became very intense and we held each other very tightly, our boobs mashed together. My legs opened and so did hers. I put my knee between her legs and she started humping herself against my leg.
I did the same thing and the sex started in earnest. We both came together and panting somewhat, turned off the shower. However I was not satisfied and wanted more. We dried each other and went through to the master bedroom. It seemed so strange, and yet so right, to lead my female lover into my marriage bed. We lay down on our sides facing each other and started to kiss again. Amy rolled me onto my back and climbed on top of me. She broke the kiss and started moving her mouth down my body.
She suckled each boob for what seemed like ages and made my nipples harder than I have ever known them. Her mouth continued its downward trail. She by-passed my pussy and licked and kissed my thighs before starting back up. This time she stopped at my pussy and started to perform the most amazing oral sex on me. I had never had my pussy so thoroughly worshiped before. Her tongue drove my clitty mad while she pounded her fingers in and out of me.
The orgasm was tremendous and the most intense I have ever experienced. She climbed back up and kissed me. I could taste myself on her and it excited me more than I could have anticipated. I rolled her onto her back and went down on her. Tentatively at first, I stuck my tongue into her vagina. Then I licked her clitty. It tasted so much different to what I had expected, a kind of musky taste.
My fingers went to her vagina and I tried my best to return the favor. Her legs suddenly clamped around my head and she started bucking. Then she came noisily and wetly, gushing on me. I felt the contractions of her pussy around my fingers and doubled my efforts as she screamed out her orgasm. In the post-orgasm quiet, we lay side by side recovering. Amy had enjoyed her first all-girl sex for six months and I had lost my second virginity.
Sex with Amy was something I was definitely going to repeat.

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