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Constance lay back in her large bathroom Jacuzzi filled with very hot water as she sipped her double vodka on the rocks. A slight fragrance of lotus blossoms filled the air as she savored the memories of Kelsey and the sweet revenge that was inflicted upon her assailants.
She lazily gazed over at the transparent shower door when Jazmine began humming a sweet little tune, the way Kelsey did when she showered. Jazmine’s smooth ebony skin in contrast against the light blue tile of the illuminated shower was strikingly beautiful as she applied soap to her delicate parts, smiling sweetly and beautifully as the hot, steamy water caressed her slender body.
Jazmine turned off the water valve and stepped out on the white bathroom carpet and gazed back with pleasure at Constance.
“Feel good honey?” she asked as she smiled impishly at Constance.
“Uh huh, heavenly.”
“Want some company in there?” Jazmine asked as she strolled across the room toward Constance.
Constance held up her right hand and waved a gesture in a manner that meant: “welcome to my Jacuzzi.”
Jazmine stepped in and leaned back against the opposite wall of the oval tub. Jazmine and Constance arranged their legs in such a manner that genitals touched together under the swirling surface of the water and they began to slowly move, causing the sensations of soft skin against soft skin.
Constance handed Jazmine her vodka glass. “Sip?” she asked as she watched Jazmine take a mouthful and wrinkle her nose in displeasure.
“You have to develop a taste for straight vodka baby. It’s not like drinking pop.”
Both women continued to relax and enjoy the moment in silence, deep in thought of the fiasco that took place earlier that morning at the produce warehouse. Constance held out both hands toward Jazmine with her palms up.
Jazmine placed her hands in Constance’s and was pulled closer until lips gently touched. Jazmine uncoupled her legs from their position and slid over the top of Constance until she was looking straight down into her eyes. She parted her lips and pressed them over Constance’s lips, slowly sliding her tongue into her mouth. Constance returned the gesture by extending her very long and muscular tongue deep within Jazmine’s mouth as they both tightened the grip with their arms and legs.
“I love you Constance,” she said trembling slightly as she continued the deep kissing.
“I love you too baby,” Constance replied in a whisper.
As they both stepped out of the Jacuzzi Constance grabbed a large bath towel from the rack. She wrapped it around Jazmine’s body and pulled her close, softly kissing her lips as she gently dried Jazmine’s back.
Constance dropped down to her knees and began drying Jazmine’s genitals and inner thighs with the heavy, soft bath towel. As Constance was sliding the towel down the back of Jazmine’s legs, she gently brushed her lips across Jazmine’s shaved mound.
The sensations of the smooth skin on her lips, slightly damp from the Jacuzzi, heightened Constance’s passions as she continued to gently apply the towel down Jazmine’s legs and feet. Jazmine had backed up against the vanity as Constance pressed her lips further under her mound, parting her vulva to the extent that she felt the hot, slippery interior of her genitals.
Jazmine swooned in pleasure as Constance slid her long, textured tongue deeply along the front wall of Jazmine’s vagina as she pivoted her hips forward, while resting her butt against the front edge of the vanity, making her womanhood more accessible to her new lover.
Constance manipulated her “G” spot with the tip of her tongue, occasionally withdrawing it from the depths and sliding the tip up into her urethra and across her clitoris with electrifying results. During Jazmine’s deep, intensive orgasm, she momentarily lost control of her bladder, delivering a sudden burst of the hot, acidic liquid into Constance ‘s mouth, now tightly pressed against the interior if her genitals.
The sudden, unexpected moment of deviant pleasure made Constance’s own genitalia throb. Longing to be touched, Constance slid her finger inside and against her own clit as she felt herself starting into the throws of an orgasm. Jazmine, knowing that her screams were excessive, grabbed another towel and held it to her mouth as her womanhood began to explode deep within with pulsating spasms that made her bend forward and press Constance ‘s mouth and head more firmly against her.
They both collapsed to the floor at once. They gazed into each other’s eyes as they lay on the damp, deep piled bathroom carpet. Constance raised her hand and gently touched Jazmine’s cheek, caressing it ever so gently as she continued to silently gaze into her soft, fawn eyes. Without a spoken word or a whisper, Constance formed the three words with her mouth: “I love you.”
Jazmine smiled softly back at her, unable to speak as her heart rate began to slow back towards normal.
Even though Jazmine was in her early 20s’, Constance made her enroll in adult high school courses resulting in her obtaining a diploma. Jazmine continued her education at adult classes at a NKU extension facility where she obtained a degree in nursing. She met a young man who also attended classes, subsequently married him and had three little boys. They are all living a normal, happy life near Lexington.
“Constance? Oh…, she’s still a loner. She seems to intimidate people with her unusual skills and weird temperament so she stays by herself and continues to do research at Berkley and write. She’s content with her own company but for the rest of her days, she has no doubt that she’ll continue to see the ghost of her little Kelsey doing her mischievous little antics and teasing in such a delightful way in her mind’s eye.”


A Stand Up Girl for PB

I usually get home from work before Chloe; but this evening Chloe’s truck was parked outside the apartment. That’s odd, I thought, but didn’t make much of it until I got inside. Chloe stood there with an enigmatic grin on her face and nothing else.
“I found your journal, girlfriend. We should talk. Actually, talk is *not* what I had in mind.”
I just stood there dumbfounded. Chloe came up to me, put her arms around me and whispered in my ear.
“It’s Okay. We can do it all, we can do nothing. But you’re not alone.” Chloe kissed my lips then backed off a bit. “Okay, lover. Get your clothes off and your ass into bed.”
I practically ripped off my clothes as I dashed into the bedroom. I noted that Chloe must’ve taken off early and maxed my Visa card at the local leather store.The sheets were latex and there were brand new restraints encircling the mattress.
I noticed that there were several bottles of Evian in a cooler; most of them were empty. Breathing hard and shaking, I lowered myself onto the latex sheets. Somehow Chloe had warmed them. That moved me immensely.
“No more words.” Chloe commanded. “You’re to stay quiet.”
Chloe proceeded to lock my wrists into fur-lined cuffs, attaching them to the restraints. My ankles got the same treatment. Chloe put a pillow under my head and put a liter of Evian next to my mouth.
“Here, drink.” I took the water gratefully; I had serious cotton mouth right now.
Chloe tossed the bottle aside after I drained it and straddled my body. She rubbed her cunt against me and leaned down to kiss me hard on the mouth.
“Okay, lover. You have a safe word; use it if you need to but from here on I’m in charge.”
I took a big gulp of air. I could feel the throbbing wetness in my cunt; this was no dream. Chloe pulled back up and started rubbing against my cunt again. She moaned and released a measured pulse of piss down my swollen cunt.
“Ah…” I moaned
. I could feel the stream dribble down my cunt lips, pooling and wetting my dry ass. Chloe let another slight stream go and I was so aroused I damn near ached. Almost unconsciously my arm moved in order to get my hand down to my clit but the restraints held it back.
“I knew that was gonna happen” said Chloe, still grinding her cunt on my mons, “I knew I’d better restrain you before you shortened the fun.”
She let another burst of piss soak my cunt, this time strong enough to hit my swollen, distended clitoris. I could feel the piss surround my clit head, tickling the outside of my labia lips. The piss pool had soaked my ass, and wet my lower back. Chloe had moved up now, and was straddling my stomach.
Chloe reached out and started stroking my nipples. The feel of my nipples hardening and my wet cunt electrified my spine. I could see my lover’s bush, drops of wetness still clinging to some of the hair, her swollen labia, and her swollen clitoris. I wanted, needed to taste her.
Chloe brushed her cunt hairs across my belly; she released more piss on my belly, soaking my skin and leaving a small pool of piss in my belly button. Chloe leaned over me and grabbed something off the headboard; she presented a gleaming pair of tit clamps to me.
I bit my lower lip at the sight. I loved the way Chloe touched and bit my nipples– but tit clamps? Chloe stroked my nipples to a proud erection, and gingerly placed the clamps on each one. She then tightened, alternating one at a time. Each tightening sent delicious shivers down my back, directly to my clitoris, which would’ve been screaming in ecstasy if it could scream.
Chloe moved forward, pushing my tits together with her thighs until my nipples were almost touching. They were still sensitive from the pain of the tit clamps. Chloe took a deep breath and blasted a well-aimed rivulet of piss onto my nipples. I felt the hot blast against my hard, sore nipples; the sensation sent me into orbit. The piss ran down my tits and behind my back; I could feel it encroach my hair. My whole body was now lying in a pool of warm pee.
My arms ached to touch myself. I could see where the stream of piss was leaving Chloe’s body and I longed to lick off the drops clinging to the coarse hairs. Chloe smiled at me.
“Getting greedy, eh? Your tongue can’t reach it. Yet.”
She started working her way up my body, moving at a slow, studied pace. By the time she straddled my face, I could feel my own bladder straining from the liter of Evian. Chloe carefully lowered her cunt onto my mouth, spreading her cunt lips so that my hungry tongue could lap everything up. She then loosened my right hand, which immediately started toward my own swollen clit.
“Easy, baby.” Chloe admonished, holding back my arm. “Let’s make this last a bit longer.”
Chloe ground her hips to the rhythm of my tongue greedily licking off what was left of her piss. Chloe raised up again, releasing my arm and spreading her cunt lips. I waited. Chloe’s cunt was swollen and purple; I could see Chloe’s piss hole release a strong, golden current of warm piss. The current captured the glint of the light as it hit my face. I felt the warm piss glide down my face and my hair.
She relished it; soaking every bit of skin she could get under the stream. I lapped the stream of piss with my tongue, let it sweep down my neck and between my breasts. I rubbed my clit, feeling the wet skin of my labia stroke the sensitive organ.
I let loose of the piss in my own body; and as I did I had the most incredible orgasm ever. It started from my clit towards my relaxing urethra, it went into my vagina and up my spine, to my throbbing wet nipples, and it went from my swallowing mouth into my mind. My mind was gray, but a shaft of yellow light came through as I came; the woman from my dreams was there.
“You don’t need me anymore” the woman said and I left through the yellow light.
My head flooded with radiance and heat.
I felt Chloe’s clitoris in my mouth as I regained consciousness. I licked gently, realizing that Chloe was having her own orgasm.
Chloe flopped beside me, still breathing heavily and took me in her arms.
“How did that feel?” said Chloe.
“Incredible. Surprising.” I replied, still barely able to talk.
Chloe kissed my deeply. I noticed the room radiated with warmth and glittered a slight yellow.



One hand trailed with torturous slowness down her stomach, but Pati’s attention was centered more on the hand kneading skillfully at her right breast. Just as it seemed that the touch might leave her, she gripped tightly to a delicate wrist. She noted the level of heat coming from her own hand as well as the slight dampness that was steadily misting her every inch. With a determined tug, she guided the palm back to its former position, feeling her nipple stab zealously into its warmth.
Her head turned to nuzzle into the soft pillow while her eyes closed. She relished the thumb manipulating her breast’s erected center. Her breathing began to hasten just a bit, feeling that the simple act of breathing was just a bit more difficult with the glorious weight of her lover’s arm draped over her.
The lips steadily moving lower down the length of her abdomen caused Pati to angle her hips upward. A chin grazing her clit found her lips parting in a low groan of pleasure.
“There, baby. There!”
Teresa’s voice had been slightly muffled by the fact that she was completely submerged under the cool sheets, her voice reverberating off the intimate slope of this glorious vessel of creation, a mere breadth away from her lips which were suddenly parched for a taste of the juices she saw lightly glistening over soft folds.
“Yes,” Pati found herself saying more in encouragement to the mouth softly kissing over her sensitivity with the same gentleness and slow ease that it freely demonstrated against her own mouth only moments before.
As the sound of Teresa moaning against her filled her senses, Pati suddenly became overwhelmed by a desire to see her lover, knowing how much pleasure her girlfriend derived in the opportunity of pleasing her lover. She knew that to Teresa the act of making love could almost be more intimate than being made love to. She wanted to see her this way, to see their passions merging together.
Teresa felt a slight shiver race up and down her spine caused by the current of cool air suddenly bathing her skin as the sheet was forcibly pulled away revealing her actions to her girlfriend’s waiting eyes. She knew that just as Pati’s eyes fixed on what she was doing, the two sensations of both, touch and sight, were joining together. Her fingertips had only started to apply pressure to those moistened inner lips, parting them to expose silky recesses.
Unable to wait any longer, she slid her tongue over the length of that satiny skin, feeling the shudder traveling through Pati passing through the very tip of her tongue and into her own body where it centered mercilessly at the apex of her legs causing her own juices to increase.
Pati inhaled sharply behind clenched teeth. Sex was heavy in the air making it oh so very palatable. Her hand tightened its hold on her lover’s wrist. The seductive pinching and subtle pulling at her nipple caused her to moan and then bring those busy fingers to her lips. She kissed lovingly over them at first then found her teeth raking over the fingertips and her tongue charting along their length.
Again, the scents of arousal merging in the air inspired her senses. She could almost taste her lover in the air. A sudden wish that Teresa’s juices had been on the fingers now resting against her lips caused a shudder to pass through her. Her light brown eyes widened with an aroused gasp as those fingers left her lips and slid down the slope of her side where they ventured with dramatic slowness, done merely for her watchful gaze, between Teresa’s legs.
A moan left her lips at the sight of those fingers entering deep within her girlfriend. When the fingers withdrew, now covered in slick gloss, she immediately brought them to her waiting mouth tasting Teresa for the first time this evening.
Teresa shivered violently with the feel of Pati’s tongue parting her two essence-covered fingers, slipping between them in the hopes that not one drop would be missed. She waited for Pati to lovingly insert those two fingers into her mouth before she eased herself inside of her girlfriend in perfect unison.
“Oh, God!” Pati found herself crying against Teresa’s hand.
She struggled to catch her breath, swallowing hard when the lips which had been working so wonderfully at her folds moved upward capturing her clit into them. The tongue circling around the nub was driving her closer to that edge along with the fingers pushing deeper within her.
“Teresa,” she breathed in a throaty voice. Pati parted her legs more, desperately trying to allow her lover more access. “Deeper. More!”
The juices slicking her face doubled. Teresa relished every second of it. She could almost sense how close Pati was now. She added a third finger, feeling the verbal encouragement ripple through her body. If her girlfriend uttered her name with any more love in it, she might give in to tears, she was certain of it.
She pushed harder, feeling inner walls grip her fingers tightly in the hopes that they might pull her in deeper. Her tongue began swirling around the tight muscled ring, below her vagina, which she had been nursing at. She pushed harder against the skin surrounding it with the tip of her tongue, feeling it tickle those nerve-endings around it furthering her lover’s state. She then changed direction and kissed the swollen clit once more then traveled down to the lips where she sucked first one then the other all the while her fingers matched Pati’s thrusting hips.
Pati moaned with the feel of those fingers inside her suddenly angling upward within her. She gripped tightly to Teresa forcing her mouth to fit more against her shivering pussy after feeling the sudden attention returning to a clit beginning with a teasing flick. Her juices leaving her so freely surprised her a bit in their intensity as climax hit her mercilessly.
The first wave seemed to be at an end and she hoped to catch her breath, but Teresa pushed harder inside her manipulating her clit with her thumb while her lips sought to have all of the reward, being given so freely into her girlfriend’s waiting mouth.
Her tightened hold of her lover had lessened, although it was by no will of her own. She simply no longer had the strength to hold on. Her shaking slowly began to release her after some immeasurable time had passed. She opened her eyes slowly, looking down to Teresa, who lay with her head resting against her stomach arms hugging her waist.
“I love you,” Pati whispered still struggling to come down.
Teresa pushed up from the bed, sitting comfortably between her lover’s legs. She gently took Pati’s hands into her own and pulled the beautiful woman to her. A soft purr left her lips when just as she had hoped, Pati sat up on her lap, wrapping her legs around her waist, pressing her chest tightly to her cheek and hugging her neck and shoulders. She kissed over the chest in front of her whispering her feelings to her girlfriend.
“I love you, too, Pati, so very much.”
Pati looked down on the woman beneath her. Light brown eyes misted just a bit. She cupped the face staring up at her, then brought a soft mouth to her own. The taste of herself was clearly anointing Teresa’s skin. She allowed her tongue to chart lazily through Teresa’s mouth, feeling her tongue caress her girlfriend’s with that same unhurried manner.
When her lover backed away to stare into her eyes with a smile, she studied those dark brown eyes curiously. They were trying to tell her something. Her smile intensified in this moment of realization. She covered Teresa’s mouth with her own, suddenly needing to have them connected once again.
“Welcome home, Pati,” she thought to herself while guiding Teresa to lean back.
Continuing to kiss, the lovers prepared themselves for a very long evening of lovemaking. And now… it was Teresa’s turn.
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