Action, Romance and Erotica: Candice Christian has got them all in her two new releases.

Thirty something Brittany is recently divorced. An event that, instead of bringing sorrow , brought Brittany a sense of liberation. THE RIGHT SPOT – READ IT TODAY.

Newly divorced Brittany is enjoying the single life, enjoying a succession of lovers, both male and female. But the biggest catalyst to the lesbian side, was giving a ride to a young female grad student. That five hour drive ended up as an all- nighter. That opportunity came when she had dropped her daughter off at college and the chance to give Traci a right was too good to be true.

Over lunch with an old friend, Brittany gets lost in their conversation and her mind returns to Traci. Knowing her friend is not following the conversation, Jessica, calls her back to reality. Traci soon forgotten.

Jessica excused herself to freshen up and leaves Brittany alone. But not for long as their beautiful waitress, Irena, makes an overture toward the older Brittany, providing her name and cell number.

Brittany is now confronted with a dilemma and is at a loss in a way to handle the situation. The two friends leave the restaurant and bid each other farewell. Alone Brittany is left to make a major decision. How will she choose?


Constance and Kelsey were lovers, then Kelsey disappeared. Possibly even murdered by her ex-girlfriend. Constance vows to find the guilty parties and save Kelsey. A BAD TIME – READ IT NOW!

Dr. Constance Stone is a non-practicing medical doctor. She is an instructor at Northern Kentucky University and spends her time doing research and writing

Until a short while ago she lived in her idea of a perfect world with her lover young Kelsey. Living along the banks of the Ohio River, the two were perfect for each other.

Fate being what it is, an old girlfriend of Kelsey’s, finds out where she lives and kidnaps her. The old girlfriend Kira, is a member of a radical group called the Inner Sanctum.

Unknown by Constance for certain, Kelsey is tortured, raped and finally killed.

Constance is a woman with a dark past, and Kira and her group may just rue the day they interfered with the angry Doctor’s world. Constance calls in a few favors and then embarks on a quest to save Chelsea and exact punishment on those involved.

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