Start the week off right with the new Candice Christian release: OBJECT OF HER DESIRE!


Robyn has a crush on her boss, Anya. Anya is straight and obviously Robyn is not. But nothing will lessen Robyn’s determination to have Anya for her own.

Robyn is a graduate assistant working for a fetching Professor, Anya. Robyn would like nothing better than to make Anya hers. But at the moment there seem to be entirely too many obstacles.

Anya is straight, with a boyfriend, Robyn despises. And Robyn spends way too much time dreaming and scheming of ways to get Anya into bed.

At last Robyn, enlists the help of her co-workers and grad student to help her clear the way for her to get to Anya

Sean, Zoe and Mark help her follow Anya to Germany over the winter holidays to secure the object of her desire and set up a rendezvous for the two of them.

During the chase, Robyn gets entangled with other willing young women and causes her to lose sight of her target. As the New Year approaches it still seems up in the air if Robyn and Anya will ever be reunited.
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