Who you gonna call? Candice Christian has just the answer with ‘School Spirit’.

Two women with completely different lives, are thrown together to solve a decade old murder in a small Alabama town.

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Brooke is an Alabama State Trooper, Angie is a PhD. Research Scientist specializing in the paranormal. Brooke is assigned to be Angie’s body guard while she studies the sight of a decade old murder, of a young girl at a school in south Alabama, and the strange manifestations that have been happening in the school where a little girl was violently murdered.

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Crime Scene

The trip to the town, Gratiot, in south Alabama is a long ride for two women that have nothing in common. But, the two women soon find some common ground regarding interests, and the assignment in no time takes on a more vacation feel.

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When Brooke and Angie arrive at the school and the old crime scene, the evil forces don’t wait long to show their terrifying presence. Angie is attacked and knocked unconscious. The police investigate and find nothing.

The two women seem to be drawn closer due to the ‘attack’ and each soon learns the other is lesbian. The relationship blossoms but will it divert their attention to the point of abandoning the murder case?

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