PUSHIN’ TOO HARD: Sam is a Political Science Professor at a Mid-Western College. She finds herself alone in the kitchen, at a wild party, she is the only one watching the football game. But her life is about to change.

Jacqueline comes into the kitchen where Sam is half watching the game. Jacqueline strikes up a conversation, and she soon has Sam drooling all over herself to find out more about her.

Sam learns that the object of her desire, is with a really tough dyke, Belle. There is bad blood between Sam and Belle and when words get heated, Sam leaves before a fight starts.

Sam, is really depressed, despite having found out about Jacqueline that she is spending another Friday night alone. Then she remembers an old girlfriend from her past, a real sub type. Against her better judgement Sam has Rikki come over. They start up right where they left off several years before. Rikki on her knees begging for Sam to treat her rough.

Rikki didn’t really solve Sam’s depression, but did help build her confidence to go after what she wanted. She knew a great hunting ground in the City. Lipstick Lez country. At a Lesbian Political rally, Sam meats Alicia, and in short order has conquered the once ice princess from Indian Hills, and leave Alicia’s fancy apartment with a great taste in her mouth. Now to win over Jacqueline.

Confidently, Sam takes Jacqueline to lunch, starts her seduction, that leads to dinner and later some relief from depression as she realizes she has stopped pushing too hard and finally found her girl.

  LEAVING HER BEHIND:  Kenzie Holt, heiress to the Holt Business Conglomerate, is leading a team throughout the Galaxy to colonize uncivilized planets.

On a lark, Kenzie lands on a planet, far beyond the edge of the known Galaxy, and come in contact with a race of humanoids that appear primitive and unmotivated.

Appearances are deceiving, and native female Lahna, shows Kenzie some of the most sophisticated ways of making love, Kenzie is in danger of forgetting her mission and remain on the Eden-like world.

The crew is close to mutiny and Kenzie takes matters into her own hands and abruptly stops the mutiny and gets the ship off the hypnotic world.

Before leaving Lahna, give Kenzie a message to read, once she is on the way to Earth. Kenzie hopes the message will clear up a mountain of questions.



And Below for Other Steamy Romance Stories by Candice Christian


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