It’s New Release Wednesday! Candice Christian is hard at work, pumping them out. Great stories of romantic erotica.


‘The Sound of Silence’ & ‘Roommate Rescue’

The Sound of Silence is a romantic and extreemly erotic lesbian tale. It is aimed at an audience that loves to root for the underdog and also seeking a rewarding story.

Kim is a struggling young women, who has worked hard to escape her ‘trailer trash’ background. She works in a convenience store on the midnight to eight shift when the crazies are the most visible.

Tanya, a young girl, even poorer than Kim, comes into the store looking to buy food with the last bit of change she has.

Kim, against her better judgement takes the girl home, to clean her up, and feed her. And give her a warm, safe place to spleep. Kim is soon rewarded for her kindness as Tanya steals her heart and becomes embedded in her life.

It is not all rosy, and the girls still struggle to makes ends meet, but they suffer the hard times and even split up over something neither girl knows why.

Both girls continue their live apart, but still in each others hearts. Both pursuing their dreams and ambitions.

The ending is in doubt right to the end. Read it and see how the two strong minded girls handle their challenges.

‘Roommate Rescue’ recounts the tale of two co-eds, Courtney and Traci,  who are college roommates. Courtney has no doubt about her sexual orientation, Traci is riding the fence.

Courtney comes to Traci’s rescue after a disasterous date and the relationship builds. The two girls get caught up in role play games, group sex and revolving bed partners.

Their romance is tested to the max, until the two let each other know their true feelings. It’s in doubt if the status quo will remain, as Courtney is tempted by Amanda, and Traci must withstand the advances of Demi.

Read this rollicking romance to see if true love wins out.


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