New or Coming Soon! From Candice Christian!

Young co-ed is seduced by a hot topless dancer, and finds the truth about her own sexuality. – BOOBY TRAP & G-STRINGSbooby trap and gstringsDIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAIL  A recent lottery winner is in the market for a new home. The realtor is willing to anything to sell the house. Even an afternoon of lesbian sex. – ROCK, PEPPER, SCISSORS 



Jylyn is on a dangerous  mission for the Empress. She stumbles across Tazmyns fortress and sparks begin from moment the meet – THE ELFMAID’S TALE!THE ELF MAIDS TALE

Jylyn is taken before the Centurion in command of the city’s garrison of Amazonian soldiers, a beautiful Asian girl no older than twenty-four summers, who ordered her guards to untie the Wrod and introduced herself as Tazmyn Del Shinohara Kino.

The two women become close and the Elf Maid is dismayed when the Centurion leaves her to chase a dragon. Jylyn knows that Tazmyn hasn’t a chance against the dragon and goes to her aid. Jylyn reveals that she is on a secret mission for the Empress to slay the dragon.

News is not good when Jyl gets to the dragon’s lair. All have been killed she is told by a priest tending to the bodies. The thought of Taz’s death unleashes the hidden power of the Elf Maid and she goes to seek revenge for her lover.

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