LESBIAN NOIR & CURIOUS LEIGH-New from Candice Christian

Lesbian Noir is a super bundle of the stories with the darkest themes. Four awesome stories: The Slick Spot, Destiny’s Child, Sweet Cheeks & An Eye for Trouble!

Curious Leigh is a brand new tale of a bored housewife, seduced by her neighbor and then led down a path of depraved passionate lesbian encounters.

Leigh is seduced by her best friend Tasha. The relationship leads to a  path of whirlwind sexual adventure..

Leigh’s husband is out of town. To fill the loneliness she invites Tasha over to dinner. They watch some Girl Girl porno and soon Tasha seduces Leigh.

The relationship blossoms between them until, Leigh’s husband finds out. He wants in on the action and both women agree, with some rules.

Leigh is now caught up in the moment and decides to seduce her own lover and in no time there it becomes a sextet of lesbians on a king sized bed, drawing card to see who gets who.



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