Two Gigantic Releases This Week from Candice Christian!


FINGERTIPS AND POUTING LIPS -A young girl, Margot, seeks advice from an older woman, Teressa, about seducing her best friend

FINGERTIP AND POUTY LIPS DIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAILMargot and Teressa have had a lesbian fling for about six months. The relationship is an open one and the older Teressa coaches her young friend so she can get with Genevieve, a cute straight friend closer to Margot’s age.

The plan is hatched, and the bait is in place, will Genevieve resist her friends advances?

Margot is nothing if not patient, and slowly, agonizingly she turns Genevieve to the side of lesbian love, basking in the glow of her friends passionate embrace.



ANTHOLOGY DIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAILThe original story that launched the series – Wrestling Mothers Club, plus The Lesbian Sessions, A Story of Joy and the newest and hottest… Better than Sex!


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