‘Loving Lindsey’ by Candice Christian


loving lindsey


Brand new erotic lesbian romance Loving Lindsey, by Candice Christian, is the latest tale of  hot women in love. If you have read Hot for Teacher, you will love Loving Lindsey! Read an excerpt from the story:

Lindsey allowed herself to be pulled out the door and down to the parking

lot. The fresh air brought her back to her senses. She looked down to her

hand, opened it and saw that Lee Anne had slipped her her phone

number. “Well, fuck me,” thought Lindsey to herself. “All this time I’ve

known Lee Anne, and I’ve never known.” She slipped the paper into her

tight jean pocket.


 “What just happened in there, Marti?” Lindsey stopped the girl as they

arrived at the truck.


 “Nothin’ and everythin’, sweetie. Nothin’ and everythin’. I think you

just got your first girl-kiss. You know you liked it, right?” Marti

pulled Lindsey to her and put her arm around her waist. Their leather

jackets creaked as they rubbed together.


 “Well, yeah, I guess. But I never did that before, and I know everyone

there.” Lindsey felt the warmth of the girl’s body against hers.

“Who gives a shit, girlfriend? Live your life. You know we’re both turned

on. You don’t owe them nothin’, Lindsey. Just go with what you’re feeling.

And I’m gonna rock your world, baby.” With that, Marti swung Lindsey around

and pushed her back against the truck.


She pressed her full body against Lindsey’s. Their breasts mashed together. Marti

wrapped her arms tightly around Lindsey’s waist and squeezed her hard, jean-covered

ass cheeks with both hands. Lindsey could feel those long nails digging into her ass. She

raised her arms and draped them around Marti’s neck. The sun had long

since set, so the parking lot was fairly dark. But Lindsey was losing her

self-consciousness. Passion was beginning to take over. She had never

felt these feelings for another girl before, but it was uncontrollable.


The two gorgeous girls remained locked in each other’s arms, their huge

tits mashed against each other, gazing in each other’s eyes. Marti moved

her leg between Lindsey’s. Each had a thigh pressing against each other’s

cunt. They began grinding slowly. Lindsey couldn’t believe she was doing

this in the parking lot of the diner.


Their mutual gaze dropped from eyes

to lips. Slowly, Marti began moving her face toward Lindsey’s. She smiled

seductively. Slowly the distance closed. Marti slid her tongue out and

wetly licked her full, bee-stung lips. Lindsey was getting wetter and

starting to lose control of her emotions. She could feel the cunt juice

leaking onto her thong under the tight jeans in reaction to the mutual cunt



She watched Marti’s lips and tongue getting closer until they

were only an inch or two away. The gold tongue stud waved hypnotically in

front of her. She could smell the mint on her breath that she had popped

on the way out. Her sweet breath….


“Mmmmmmm. Hey, sweetie. You are one hot, hot babe. Do you know that?”

Marti whispered into Lindsey’s flushed face. “I’ve wanted you since you

picked me up. I think you feel the same, don’t you?” It was a question

Marti knew the answer to, but she wanted Lindsey to speak it.


Lindsey’s armpits were sweating under her black leather jacket. She could

feel Marti’s hands squeezing her ass cheeks and their cunts grinding

together. The erotic smell of perfume, leather and pussy juice was

starting to envelope them in a cloud. Her nipples were hardening, her

sweet breath was coming quicker. This was decision time.


“Uh, uh, Marti….. I can’t believe this. But I do want you too. I do.

You are makin’ me so fuckin’ wet, I can’t believe it! No guy has made me

this horny since I can remember…. oh, sweetheart, you are making me so

crazy……” Lindsey ground harder.


“So you want me, Lindsey? You want me? You like my lips, baby? Do you like

these wet lips?” Marti licked her lush lips again, making them shine with

extra saliva.


“Oh, yes, baby, yeah! Your lips are so sexy! So wet! They’re so pretty

and full. Oh, shit, I can’t believe I feel like this, Marti!” Lindsey’s

long nails reached up into Marti’s soft hair and clutched it. Marti’s

mouth was still only an inch or two away.


The sexy young girl whispered slowly, hotly. “So what do you want, baby?

You want me to kiss you? Do you want this hot, young stripper to kiss

those luscious, wet girl-lips? Do you want my full lips on yours? Do you

want me to make out with you? You wanna make out? You want me to kiss

you, Lindsey? Huh? You want to swap spit with me? Taste my mouth? You

want my tongue on yours? You want to suck tongues? Tell me, baby. Tell

me what you want.” Marti’s mouth was so close, so close to Lindsey’s……


This intimacy and nasty talk was making Lindsey lose it. “Oh, fuck yeah!

You’re such a slut, Marti. Yeah I wanna kiss you. I wanna make out with

you here in the parking lot. I don’t care who sees us. I wanna feel your

sweet lips on mine, I wanna taste your hot spit in my mouth, suck your

tongue, suck that stud in your tongue. Please kiss me, Marti, let me kiss

you. Oh, shit, my cunt is so wet now. Kiss me, baby.” Lindsey drew Marti’s

face closer until their lips almost touched and they smelled each other’s



Suddenly Marti’s tongue was close enough to lick Lindsey’s lips, flicking,

tasting the lipstick. Lindsey could feel the stud on her lips. With a groan

from each girl, their lips locked again. But this time Marti slid her

tongue into the woman’s mouth. Lindsey had pulled Marti’s head over and her

mouth descended on the girl’s, the young stripper’s tongue sliding down her

throat. Marti’s head was turning back and forth; her tongue was everywhere

– rubbing gums, the roof of her mouth, overpowering the blonde’s tongue.


Lindsey had eagerly parted her lips, and Marti’s tongue wiped around her

teeth. Lindsey opened her teeth to let the tongue into her warm inner

sanctum. Their tongues dueled inside the blonde’s mouth. Two flat, long,

wet girl-tongues wiping around and over each other. Marti’s tongue stud

erotically scraped along the flat spitty surface of Lindsey’s mouth muscle.


Marti licked the roof of Lindsey’s mouth, then under her tongue, then to the

insides of each cheek. She tasted every inch of the busty blonde’s inner

mouth. Saliva flowed from one girl’s mouth to the other’s and then back

again. Then the spittle leaked out of their lips onto their chins, making

them slick with sweet saliva and smearing lipstick. Marti gave Lindsey’s ass

one last squeeze then slid her hands up along the black leather jacket

covering her back, rubbing her manicured hands all over the soft, supple

kidskin. She loved the feel of the leather, especially knowing she was

making out with the beautiful woman who was wearing it. Teeth clicked

against each other as the girls’ mouths widened and deepened the kiss.

Their faces were at right angles so they could increase the passion of the

make-out session.


Suddenly a car passed slowly and a window went down. Lindsey became aware of

people watching from the car. A young, female voice laughed and yelled

out, “Hey, I got what you need, girls!” Then, just as quickly the car was

gone. Lindsey reluctantly broke the kiss and swiveled her head to look for

the car. Was it someone she knew?


“Hey, I’m not done with you yet, baby.” Marti whimpered and pulled Lindsey’s

face back to hers. Marti slowly pressed her pursed lips down on Lindsey’s

again, all the while gazing hotly into each other’s hooded eyes. The two

pairs of full, pouting lips felt warm and spongy as they pressed on each

other, then they began to slowly open their mouths again.

The girls kissed each other deeply and tongues angrily twisted and turned,

slavering over each other. Marti’s full, pouty lips pressed hungrily onto



They were so full and pliant. Even though the older blonde woman had very

large, full, sexy lips, the younger girl’s covered hers and mashed them



“Mmmmffff… ummmmm….. ummmffff”, was all either girl could get out as

their faces moved together. Lindsey could feel Marti’s tongue stud slide out

of her mouth and insinuate itself seductively through her lips, flicking at

the roof of her mouth again. Lindsey’s heat level rose quickly as she felt

the tongue stud rub along her own tongue, scraping the opaque mucous from

it. It was like awakening a sleeping serpent. Their long tongues began to

dance together, slipping and sliding from one mouth to the other. Thick

saliva accompanied the tongues and formed a wet trail on and around their

mouths. Teeth clicked against teeth, tongues ran across gums and inside

their cheeks.


Then they both opened their mouths wide and licked each

other’s tongues all over–top and bottom. They locked their mouths over

each other at right angles so that their tongues were invisible. Anyone who

has experienced a deep French kiss knows what was happening inside. One

could visualize those hot tongues, slick with saliva, wrapping around and

around each other, gliding over and over each other.


The two women were locked together at the mouth. Their full, soft lips

were munching away at each other. Their hands gripped each other’s heads

and twisted them back and forth slipping luscious lip over luscious lip,

and every few seconds their mouths opened and tongues visibly darted in and out.

One and then the other inserted her tongue deep in the mouth of her new

lover, and as she withdrew it, the other sucked it briefly as if reluctant

to let it go.


After trading off several of these tongue sucks, Marti stuck her tongue

way out and Lindsey wrapped her lips firmly around it. This time the young

stripper plunged her tongue through the tightly puckered lips of the busty

blonde and fucked the female mouth with it. The two gorgeous busty girls

in their jeans and leather were locked in a passionate make-out session

standing against the truck in the dimly lit diner parking lot.


Marti then drew her right hand down and to Lindsey’s crotch, rubbing the

tight faded jean material over her cunt. She could feel the heat between

the woman’s legs. She splayed her glossy long-nailed fingers over the

crotch. The young girl groped the sexy blonde while Lindsey spread her

thighs to allow access. She was juicing to the point that it began to seep

through the material.


“Ohhhhh, fuck, Marti. That feels so damn good. So good. Uhhhhh.” Lindsey

groaned as she broke their kiss and moved her mouth to the stripper’s ear.

She stuck her wet tongue deep into Marti’s ear and licked around it,

lightly bit it, erotically breathing her hot breath. As Marti slid her hand

under Lindsey’s crotch to her ass crack, the heat on her hand continued to



“Ohhhh, Lindsey, yeah, baby. That tongue feels so hot, so good.” Marti

threw her head back and felt Lindsey’s mouth slide to her neck, tacking small

nips at the perfumed flesh.


They were both sweating in passion under their

leather jackets now. Sweat began wetting Marti’s tight stretch tank top

and Lindsey’s soft black leather halter–between their mashing tits and under

their warm armpits. Sweat marks began to show on them both as they humped

each other next to the truck.


“Sweetie,” Marti breathed into Lindsey’s ear, “let’s get into the truck and

get comfortable. I gotta fuck you, baby. Come on.”



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