Candice Christine is back! New for 2018

Nicole’s Story:

I was born in 1985, and I was a blond chubby cheeked, virgin

when I went to college. My childhood was scarred by the relentless
teasing of other children in my neighborhood and in
school. Puberty came early for me. I developed large,
firm breasts before the other girls even thought about
wearing bras. The boys leered and called me names
behind my back, but I heard, so did the girls I thought
might be friends.

Worst for me was when my pubic hair grew in, lush and
burnt orange in color. In gym class I couldn’t hide it.

In a bathing suit, underwear or the showers, the other
girls teased me unmercifully. I learned to see myself as
a freak. As the only child of a single mother, who never
had time to talk with her daughter,I never knew I
wasn’t. I considered my private parts a curse. I never
touched my self for pleasure, and to keep the boys from
trying–I knew enough to know they would–I never dated.

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