8 tales of dominant women, that see their subs as individual secret gardens. As their domme they expect from them nothing less than their bodies and souls. Expected to do whatever their dommes want so the pleasures of the domme are also the sub’s pleasure


Bound to Lose

Jessica has found herself to be very unlucky in love. Bi-Sexual though she is, she just can’t win with either sex

Before the Mistress and the Stepmother there was Olivia’s Humiliation

A prequel to the bestselling ‘The Tale of the Mistress and the Stepmother’. A look at Olivia as she entered the BDSM lifestyle. More


Abbey is obsessed with Jessica, a young who works with her, and would like nothing better than to make Jessica her a love slave

Duchess of Domination

Stacey decides to skinny dip in the deserted hotel pool early one the morning. That idea gets squashed when Ciara arrives to crash her party

Love Hurts

Linda is a successful business owner. She also is a mother of her eighteen year old daughter Jenn and she is a lesbian.

Pleasure Bound

Husband out of town, Joanna gets to indulge in her secret fetish with Mistress Carol with a surprise visit from Carol’s friend Erma.

The Care and Feeding of Pets

Sienna has a dominant relationship with Naomi. Naomi is Sienna’s pet and Sienna is careful to nurture the symbiotic relationship.

The Tale of the Mistress and the Step-Mother

The Tale of the Mistress & the Step-Mother is a story for fans of older women dominating younger women. A story filled with the erotica pleasure and penetrating emotions. At times it is difficult to determine the Dom or the Sub.

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7 Lesbian Stereotypes

That Are Actually True – and the Surprising Reasons Why


Written by:Anna Pulley , AlterNet and Anna Pulley December 21, 2015

Stereotyping is a necessary evil. Stereotyping simplifies complex information so our brains can easily understand it, reducing the amount of processing we go through when seeing or meeting new people That said, it also causes us to generalize. If we see one hipster drinking PBR and wearing an “Everyone loves Grandpa!” T-shirt, our brain is like, #YesAllHipsters.

When it comes to lesbians, I was curious if the stereotypes had a basis in reality, partly because I am a former gym teacher who drives a truck and loves cats and has a wardrobe that’s 90 percent flannel. I’ve probed the data to see if the old lines about U-Hauling, lesbian bed death and others had any statistical sway. The results were surprising.

1. U-Hauling.

The most common lesbian joke is often attributed to comedian Lea Delaria, who once remarked: “What does a lesbian bring on a second date? A U-Haul.” This plays into the notion that queer women tend to move in together at lightning-fast speeds. While there are no significant statistics comparing the cohabitation speeds of queer vs. straight women, there is some science that pinpoints why a lesbian couple might move in together sooner than a hetero couple. Some of these reasons have to do with societal norms, financial benefits, and hormones.

“U-hauling happens for two reasons,” explains clinical psychologist Lauren Costine at AfterEllen. “Biologically our brains are wired for relationships and connection. We emit much more oxytocin than men. Oxytocin is a hormone women emit when they’re falling in love, having sex, or breastfeeding. It’s biological encouragement to attach. It feels so good that for some women, in this case, lesbians, they can’t get enough. Since there are two women, there’s twice as much oxytocin floating around.”And we all know what happens when you leave oxytocin floating around: trips to Bed, Bath and Beyond.

2. Processing.

Another oft-recited stereotype is that lesbians are known to process everything to death. Q: How many lesbians does it take to screw in a lightbulb? A: I don’t know. Should we use LEDs? What wattage? Are these recyclable? Maybe this is a sign we should be lowering our carbon footprint. Let’s make a pro and con list of solar panel options and revisit this next year.

Processing is the tendency to overanalyze and over discuss every aspect that can be analyzed or discussed. When it comes to relationships, it turns out this works in lesbians’ favor. According to a 12-year study by John Gottman of the University of Washington and Robert Levenson of the UC Berkeley, gay and lesbian couples are excellent communicators who use fewer “controlling, hostile emotional tactics” when fighting, such as belligerence, domineering, and fear. “The difference on these ‘control’ related emotions suggests that fairness and power-sharing between the partners is more important and more common in gay and lesbian relationships than in straight ones,” Gottman explained.

3. Lesbian bed death.

The dreaded “bed death,” or the notion that lesbians in committed relationships stop having sex with each other, is a touchy topic. According to Karen Blair, a professor at St. Francis Xavier University and a member of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sex, only 15 percent of lesbian couples engage in sex more than twice a week, compared to 50 percent or more of other comparison groups (straight couples and gay men).

But! While it’s true that lesbians have less frequent sex than their straight counterparts, lesbian sex lasts far longer:

“Women in same-sex relationships reported significantly longer durations of sexual encounters than individuals in all three comparison groups, with their median duration falling within the 30 to 45-minute range, compared to the 15 to 30-minute range most commonly reported by participants in other types of relationships.” Also, almost 10 percent of lesbians get it on for more than two hours, compared to 1.9 percent of straight couples.

“Furthermore,” Blair explains, “very few women in same-sex relationships reported very brief sexual encounters, possibly providing a hint as to why their sexual frequency numbers tend to be lower than the other three groups.”

4. Lesbians know how to please their partners.

No doubt partially due to lesbians’ excellent communication skills and lengthy lap-nap sessions, lesbians have more orgasms than straight and bi women. A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine polled 1,497 men and 1,353 women who’d been sexually active within the past year. Participants were asked to state their gender, sexual orientation, and the percentage of time they orgasmed “with a familiar partner.”

Researchers found that heterosexual women reported orgasming just 61.6 percent of the time, and bisexual women followed close behind with 58 percent. Lesbians, however, reported coming 74.7 percent of the sexytime.

Way to bring your gAy game, wimmin.

5. The L Word: Lesbians love Leisha.

According to data culled from its four million users, online dating site OkCupid revealed in a survey that “The L Word” was not only the most common phrase used on lesbians’ profiles but it was also used so frequently it didn’t even fit on the graph relative to the amount of times lesbians used it. Analysts had to shrink it down to fit OkC’s template. Love it or hate it, if you like ladies, you probably watched the Showtime series that aired from 2004 to 2009. More than once.

Also unsurprising is the prevalence of Tegan and Sara and Ani DiFranco mentions, as well as the cult-fave TV show “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” which featured one of the first lesbian kiss scenes on U.S. television.

6. Lesbians are kinkier and druggier.

According to OkCupid data again, the attributes lesbians used to describe themselves most often were artsy, adventurous, kinky, and almost half said they were “into drugs.”

Curiously, straight women were more “into sports” (so there goes that lesbian stereotype?), as well as optimistic and far more likely to identify as religious. In addition to drugs, lesbians and bisexuals tend to drink more alcohol than straight women. Though this rate has been declining in the past two decades, substance abuse is still a big issue when it comes to overall health (especially because queer women are less likely to have insurance and visit doctors regularly).

7. Lesbians reject cultural norms and dominant beauty standards.

Research has shown that lesbians tend to have better body images than straight women, possibly because they have a broader definition than the general public of what’s beautiful and sexy. (This also contributes to queer women having better sex, as the better one feels about one’s body, the more enjoyable sex is.) Some researchers posit that because dating a same-sex partner is already a move away from the mainstream, lesbians would also reject cultural messages about the “ideal” female body. Feminist values, which many lesbians ascribe to, also play into lesbians’ tendency to enjoy, celebrate and accept more body diversity than their straight counterparts.

The Opportunistic Bottom Feeder

Leigh is trapped in a sexless marriage and finds that going clothes shopping in the mornings helps take her mind off her problem until she is caught in a changing room doing something she shouldn’t by an attractive red head.


Twenty-something Leigh is married to a very inattentive husband and finds other past times to take her mind off her sexless marriage. Clothes shopping was her favorite pastime; that is until an attractive older red-haired woman walked into her changing room and caught Leigh doing something she shouldn’t have been doing.

The sexy redhead see an opportunity and tests the waters with the surprised married woman. She finds that Leigh is unable to tell her no, when she makes a lascivious advance on her. With that knowledge the woman, Morgan quickly removes the girl from the store and whisks her to her apartment.

The naïve Leigh may be inexperienced in lesbian romance, but Morgan realizes Leigh is a quick learner. The lusty red head puts the younger girl through her paces, exploring every nook and cranny on her prey. At the same time, Morgan exposes Leigh to some of the more debauched and wicked aspects of lesbian lovemaking.

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Lesbian Docuseries Tampa Baes 

Exclusive: Here’s a First Look


The docuseries Tampa Baes premieres November 5 on Prime Video. The show focuses on queer women in the Florida city. 

The eight-episode series from 3 Ball Productions “follows a young group of lesbian friends in Tampa Bay, an ever-growing gay hotspot on the Florida shoreline,” according to a press release from when the show was announced.

The series stars Ali Myers, Nelly Ramirez, Shiva Pishdad, Jordan Whitley, Marissa Gialousis, Summer Mitchell, Cuppie Bragg, Brianna Murphy, Haley Grable, Melanie Posner, Olivia Mullins, and Mack McKenzie.

“This series is fun and celebratory. In a world where there’s a dearth of content centering dynamic lesbian women, Amazon Studios is excited to bring this vibrant look at these women’s lives and give the world a real entry point to undoubtedly know and love them,” Vernon Sanders, co-head of television at Amazon Studios, said previously in a release.

Tampa Baes’ out executive producer and showrunner, Melissa Bidwell said that she and her co-executive producer, Paul O’Malley, who is also out, are always on the lookout for unique groups of people willing to share their stories. 

“When we heard about this group of friends in Tampa Bay, a true hidden gem for the LGBTQ+ community, we were blown away by how interesting each of the baes are,” Bidwell said in announcing the series. 

“Whether it’s a coming out story from one of our ladies that will resonate with a closeted teen in Middle America, a cast member bravely and openly dealing with mental health issues, or a lesbian couple navigating being young and in love, all ages and demos will be able to watch this and relate. Well, maybe teens and up… we do have some racy stuff!” Bidwell said.

“It’s a jam-packed season,” Bidwell assured. “I’m excited for the audience to see pretty much everything! It’s definitely a wild ride.”

Viewers can catch the show on Prime Video starting today. 


THREESOME at Ocean Peak Sanctuary!

Sherry is a free-lance writer for the Windsor LGBTQ+ Performance Arts Festival group and has been assigned to cover story on their Underground Women’s Erotic Sports program. Her in-depth story leads her to going home with one of the female participants.


Sherry, a very straight female, with lesbian fantasies, covers an erotic women’s wrestling show between The Succubus and The Viper. The erotic performance is shocking yet arousing to Sherry as the Viper sexually humiliates the Succubus. As a result of interviewing the winner after the performance, Viper talks Sherry into going home with her after the performance.

Once at the Annie’s home, the Viper’s real name, Sherry and Annie get real cozy and learn about each other. Annie is a bi-sexual that leans heavily toward the lesbian lifestyle. This revelation allows Sherry to share her dream fantasy with Annie. Her fantasy is a wild threesome.

Try as she would, Sherry was never able to organize such a thing, due to finding willing participants. Even her lifelong friend Eileen balked at the idea.  Annie tells her she has been looking in the wrong places and proceeds to give her a lesson in lesbian love, and the organization of an enjoyable threesome.

Sherry tells Annie she has heard of a place called the Ocean Peak Sanctuary that seems idea for a threesome. She has her heart set of engaging in a threesome at the Sanctuary away from prying eyes, since it’s a safe distance from her home. Annie gladly accepts the offer and implies finding the third party of the threesome will be her responsibility. The reservation are set, and anticipation is high, Sherry is as giddy as a school girl once they arrive.


Twenty-something Claudia is asked to join a select group of women to participate in an advanced workout regimen at a high-end athletic club


Claudia and her husband have been happily married for over four years. He is a very successful financial analyst at a cyber currency company and the two are quite well off for their age. In addition to their upper income, both Claudia and her husband are a very attractive couple. She turns heads of both men and women.

Claudia’s therapist job has gotten a bit stressful recently and she joins a well know athletic club to work out in their gym. Soon after she joins, she is approached by one to the owners and asked to join a special program for advance physical training available only by invitation. Claudia is flattered by the offer and accepts. But can’t seem to get much information on the type of routine she will be involved in.

The night of her first lesson, Claudia happens upon the club owner that invited her to join, and an eighteen-year-old student embroiled in an intense lesbian lovemaking session. Claudia is shocked and yet aroused by the action. She tells her husband about it and her outrage but he is no help as it is obvious her story was quite a turn-on for him.

She realizes she must make a decision about the gym. She really enjoys the special lessons and doesn’t want to give them up but the blatant lesbianism of the owner is causing her to question her feelings. Will she stay and ignore it or will she make a fuss and leave?

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Eight Sapphic Halloween Tales

Tales of Ghouls, Ghosts, Goblins, Gay Girls, G-Strings & G-Spots


Included in this selection of Halloween stories:

The Ghosts of Halloween Past:

A woman, Grace Goode, reflects on her past Halloweens and how they still haunt her today.

Gothic Nightmare:

Maxine or Max has her eyes on a Goth chick from a club she stumbled across. The Goth seems friendly but keeps Max at an arm’s length.

The G-Stringed Goblin:

Straight girl Blake and her sexy gay friend Whitney have a difficult time making it to their Halloween party once each sees the other’s shockingly sexy costumes.

The Troubling Replication of Samhain:

A young witch Margot, decides it might be fun to spend Halloween in an old, deserted mansion.

The Hunted:

Iris and Stella are hated enemies. The problem with that is they have the hots for each other but won’t admit to it.

Witch’s Reprisal:

A scary campfire story about a haunted mansion leads two skeptical college girls to verify the validity of the tale.

That Teasing Witch:

Kaitlyn visits her friend married Miranda in New Orleans. While there, both visit a fortune teller who tells Kaitlyn she is a witch.

Eye of Newt, Tree of Frog and Wool of Bat:

An aspiring witch’s apprentice unknowingly meets the leader of the biggest coven in the country.

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Pornography Women Masturbate To

Everyone has their personal predilections, but research indicates a majority of women are turned on by “mutuality”


PUBLISHED MAY 26, 2016 8:45AM (EDT)

This article originally appeared on AlterNet

Rule 34 of the internet states “If it exists, there’s porn for it.” So when Angie Rowntree started the female-friendly porn studio Sssh back in 1999, she gained some unprecedented insight into a group oft-overlooked in matters of sex and pleasure. Yeah, women.

“Anybody who expects there to be a standard set of genres which appeal to women, or who thinks there’s a convenient and defined answer to what women want in or from porn, would be surprised by how varied and ranging women’s taste in porn actually is,” she told AlterNet. “For many years, what the industry got wrong was believing there was no female audience for their products in the first place.”

In the 16 years since its launch, the site has become one of the web’s premiere porn-for-women platforms. According to Rowntree, most of her female members chose to log on alone.

Women, certainly, are not all alike when it comes to what turns them on. But some erotic interests fall under an umbrella that extends a little shade to everyone.

We reached out to Rowntree to help us sort through what those common interests might be. Check out the list below.

1. Our own pleasure.

“The single most popular depiction is something we term ‘female-focused foreplay,’ specifically foreplay involving a male partner,” says Rowntree. “What [the mainstream industry] often doesn’t do is emphasize the pleasure or enjoyment of the female characters; when it comes to the sex, it’s still primarily concerned with the masculine point of view and depicting sex acts which appeal to male fantasies.”

According to Rowntree, most mainstream flicks lack a specific focus on female pleasure. “The woman’s pleasure, her enjoyment, needs to matter, however it is being depicted or derived,” she says.

That insight might help explain some user trends unfolding on other platforms. Pornhub’s lesbian category is reported to be a leading favorite among female viewers. According to their analytics team the “for Women” category is 193% more likely to be searched by a woman than by a man. And if you thought that was an impressive stat, give this one a once-over: women are 900 percent more likely to search for the phrase “eating pussy” than men.

2. Kinky stuff.

“In the years since 50 Shades became a hit, we’ve seen a dramatic rise in interest in BDSM,” says Rowntree. “I think this is about more than just the popularity of the book, though; it’s also driven by the anonymity and privacy of the internet environment, which allows people to explore their sexuality more confidently and openly. I also think 50 Shades made it more acceptable for people to talk about women as consumers of erotica and porn.”

Susan Wright, founder/president of a sexual rights organization called the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, once told AlterNet, “Being submissive is very compatible with feminism because it is choosing your own form of sexual expression. In the end, sexuality is empowering—and you can empower people in all the diverse ways that they enjoy sexuality. Power exchanges are one of those ways.”

Back at the Pornhub analytics blog, we find women to be 80-100% more likely to click on extra-explicit categories like hardcore, rough-sex, double penetration, and gangbang than men.

3. Something real(ish).

Though she introduced this bit as a “sweeping generalization,” Rowntree explained that one of the starkest contrasts between male and female porn habits revolves around the idea of connectivity. “From where I sit…women tend to want there to be more of a connection between the performers, whereas men are largely in it strictly for the sex acts depicted.”

In reference to the mainstream scene, Rowntree says, “A lot of scenes seem to go from the first kiss to full-blown intercourse in about 90 seconds.”

“I’m not suggesting that in order for a woman to enjoy a porn movie, the characters all have to be fully developed, or depicted in the context of a loving relationship, or anything like that,” she added. “I just mean women want to see more of a connection between the performers themselves, not necessarily the characters.”

4. The concept of mutuality.

“Women want to see more mutual enjoyment, pleasure and authenticity,” says Rowntree. “Porn in which the woman is a full and willing participant, rather than watching a woman who seems like she’s only there to give the man, or multiple men, something to penetrate. Unless, of course, that is what she enjoys.”

The desire to view something that depicts more mutuality is a growing trend.

“The most heartening thing I’ve seen in the years since I launched Sssh is a transition from women seeking feedback and information focused on pleasing their partner to women being interested in enhancing their own pleasure,” Rowntree said. “They’re putting their own enjoyment on the same level as their partner’s.”

That sounds like something we can all get off on.