Roommates Courtney and Lauren are addicted to the adrenaline rush of their private game of DARE.



Courtney and her roommate Lauren, are by nature thrill seeking junkies. They pass their leisure time by playing an X-rated game of Dare. The challenges they put to each other escalate to some pretty erotic situations.

Lauren has just completed her turn at finishing Courtney’s dare and early on a Sunday morning she is up early to begin her turn to provide a torturous challenge for her roommate. In no time at all, Lauren had Courtney running all over town, in an attempt to successfully complete her challenge.

Lauren has Courtney in a very compromising position while trying on a pair of jeans in a crowded clothing store, then it’s on to the ladies room for her final leg of the dare. Courtney nearly bows out twice, but heroically sticks with it to the end. It’s the ending that leaves Courtney dumbfounded; half dressed in a ladies restroom.


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My guard training over I returned to my day to day married life. Jim was at work and as usual since returning from my reunion with Brianna my mind wandered again into territory I had thought I long ago gave up.
I collected my thoughts and back to my bedroom. I went to my closet and plucked out a big white shirt and went to my drawer and took out my panties. I walked down the hall and clicked on the lights to the bathroom.
“My favorite room in the house.” I purred
I whipped back the curtains to the shower and ran the water out of the shower head. I unbuttoned my pants and peeled them off kicking them off to the side. I pushed my panties down and kicked again. I peeled off my shirt exposing my perky but smallish breasts. I looked at myself in the mirror.
“You’re one hot mama, Mandy.”
I lifted up my hair and struck a pose. I then softly caressed my breasts, paying attention to the nipples. I licked my fingers erotically and then circled my nipples with my slick fingers. I was getting turned on. I turned off the water and ran to my room for my toy. I opened the drawer to the small table on the side of my bed and plucked out a dildo.
“seven inches of artificial love.”
I cat walked back to the bathroom all the while toying with my breasts and sliding the dildo over my pussy. When I reached the bathroom I briskly stepped into the shower.
I was sliding the dildos head teasingly over my pussy and smothering my big breasts. I slid my hands and dildo beneath me and began to pee over them. I moaned as I felt the stream of heat leave my body to drip down my leg and hands.
I had peed for a minute straight and was reveling in the scent of my urine. I was wet now, my pussy wanted attention. I laid down in the tub and brought my fingers to my mouth and tasted my pee. I cherished the taste and began to grope my breast.
I pressed the head of the dildo against and my pussy and slowly pushed it in. I moaned loudly when the dildo got my g spot. I began pumping the dildo, tilting it on its way down so it hit my clit. I was breathing hard now.
I fantasized Brianna over me peeing on my breasts and face. Saying things like “you like that slut” “pump that dildo good”.
I was moaning louder and louder, my legs resting on the sides of the tub were sliding against the cold porcelain. I bit my lip and brought up a breast to my mouth. I flicked my tongue on the nipple.
“Oh god.”
The sounds of the dildo pumping out of my slick pussy wet with my own juices and pee was echoed in the bathroom. my legs were quivering against the sides of the tub now. I pumped that dildo deeper and faster every second pasted.
I screamed out as my back arched and the dildo rammed against my clit and love hole. I came in a fit of pleasure moaning for minutes after still feeling the pleasure in my body.
Still breathing hard I brought the dildo out slowly and began giving it a blow job, sucking my juices off. I pumped the dildo in my a few times more and finally turned on the water before showering for bed.
I thought for a moment and remembered; I had put Brianna’s phone number into my cell. Maybe a quick call just to say hi wouldn’t be so bad. I could control myself over the phone. Couldn’t I?
ed out, I stabbed her again… she bucked, I clutched… we were remembering our skills together as one. She wanted so much more of this… to be consumed by my whole…
I would have put my entire body inside her ass if I could have, that’s how deep our affinity was swelling. I wanted nothing more So much for self-control, we met down town for lunch and an hour later we were in a hotel room she had rented for us. Talk about arrogance. Was I that easy?
The hunger between us was unquenchable. No words were uttered in the hours that followed… Brianna and I united together in the most impeccable way two women could. Every action she bestowed upon my ravaged body convinced me beyond any doubt that I was forever a lesbian… a woman whose destiny had been fulfilled… completed.
No man could ever hope to bring me the joy and rapture that Brianna blessed me with. Yet every deed she awarded me with, caused me to match my intensity twice fold.
For the first time in years, I finally accepted my love of the taste of another woman… to see this tremendous body of Brianna’s yield to my loving tongue made me delirious with fervor.
Tasting the moist folds of her essence, only to find her clitoris crystallized my irrefutable fate… Even though this was my not first real encounter with a woman, I feared I would forget what to do and where to touch. But then it hit me. It’s a language that only two women truly understand.
A secret doctrine that once discovered, leads to eternal brilliance. I watched as her body teetered on the breathless cusp of orgasm… her savage behavior inspiring my tongue to suckle more. Gorgeous thighs pressed against my face, hands entwined together as she rocked back and forth between delirium and orgasm.
The loud, raspy resonance of her bold gasps… thin layers of perspiration now made her body shine in felicity. She looked as if she were some Greek Goddess perched upon my altar of authority– completely helpless to the dedicated tenderness of another female.
It was then my inner most compulsions surfaced, and I was about to partake in this my favorite forbidden feast. Clutching those toned legs, I motioned her over on her stomach. Still winded, she grasped the satin sheets in her firm grip as my hands roamed across the sculpted globes of her ass.
Tensed with muscle, yet still preserving their spherical form, my palms kneaded her flesh with the finesse it so rightfully deserved. I once saw this taboo deed in a porn long ago and it had since grown to be astonished by its sensual significance for me.
Looking down at each moist globe, my mouth fell upon my right cheek. Opening my mouth as wide as it could go, I splayed my tongue flat upon the flesh… hungrily lapping every inch of that ass. I could hear her frantic groans of necessity as I traced the sturdy tiers of her muscles with my flat tongue.
.. My saliva dribbled out, lathering the ass flesh like a gaunt savage with its first real feast. My fingernails dug into the skin, raking across her rounded contours ever so wickedly.
My hot breath cascaded upon the quivering skin as Brianna violently thrust her fist into the bed. Looking up between her elevated cheeks, I saw her head swaying in the bliss of my anal assault.
With my left hand, I reached up to her back and dug my long fingernails into the bronzed flesh, as if they were claws. Descending to her ass, scraping the skin as my mouth sank deep between the delicious cleavage of her ass.
My lustful moans now were muffled between her cheeks as my tongue deluged the entire length of her crevice. I could tell that no tongue like mine had ever given her this much wondrous sensation… the look on her face said it all as she turned around to look at my face completely drowned in ass flesh.
Our eyes shared a telling gaze of affirmation as my tongue circled her fragile orifice… Her mouth made an O shape as did my lips, now fully sealed to her asshole… My hands calmly rested upon both cheeks as I glazed her opening with my soggy saliva… marinating it for the forthcoming puncturing of her ass.
Her entire back tightened as my tongue begged for my acceptance. Short winded, Brianna eased her hesitation and felt the spicy warmth of my tongue gain it’s entry…
Drawing in a long wailing breath, Brianna collapsed as her head fell to the pillow as her tart warmth enveloped my tongue.
If Jimmy could only see me now…
If my Mother only knew what I was doing at this moment…


TICKLING THE IVORY’S…and other things

An aspiring Miss Alabama decides to take lessons from a curvaceous black lady so she can learn how to play boogie woogie.



Melody is short of stature, but tall in ambitions. She is about to begin college in September and already she has a bucket list for her future. One of the items was to learn to play better piano, piano with a boogie woogie sound.

Just by chance she stumbles across Ella in a shopping mall playing piano in the food court. This black lady was playing exactly the kind of music Melody wanted to learn to play. The teen wastes no time in getting to know Ella and eventually sets up lessons with the talented piano player.

The attraction, both musically and personally deepens and the two are soon intimate, despite the age difference. Melody discovers Ella is not only musically talented but also sexually adept. Something Ella is eager to teach the young white girl and something the teenager is anxious to learn.


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                                        Chapter Two

  And that is exactly where it went. After looking at the magazine with me, Brianna slyly asked the me if I wanted to play some of the games in the magazine.
  “Where would we start,” I asked the younger girl.
  And Brianna told me, indicating that I should begin by running my fingertips over Brianna’s nipples. Brianna, deeply experienced in handling the adult subs her mother brought her, knew that having me start with her budding tits would build slowly and that by the time she suggested I taste her pussy, I’d be starved for it.
  So I began rubbing the young girl’s nipples and flushed as I felt the tender flesh harden to my sex-hungry touch.
  Then my years of looking at lesbian magazines and playing with myself took over as I captured the young girl’s nipple between my thumb and forefinger and began a gentle pinching. After a few moments of the nipple foreplay, Brianna wanted to move me along and instructed me, the nascent sub, to begin to play with her pussy. I took to the suggestion of fingering the younger girl quite happily as I was beginning to feel the first stirrings of lust deep within my own body.
  I began by running my finger in a sawing motion up and down the hairless slit. Brianna gave a genuine moan of passion as she felt my index finger begin to slice through her cunt lips. Then Brianna told me to take my index finger from my other hand and stick it in her vagina.
  Me, from two years of looking at the lesbian magazines, knew exactly what to do and began to plunge my index finger in and out of young Brianna’s hole. And my finger slid in very, very easily.
  As sexually immature as she was, it was obvious to me that young Brianna’s hole had been used before and with that knowledge came new-found respect for the blonde 10 year old.
  Hmm, thought I, this girl is experienced, I wonder with who. Brianna then said something that would forever be burned into Anna’s consciousness.
  `Give me another finger slut,’ Brianna said. ‘Stick two in my cunny and move your hand faster.’
  I didn’t delay in complying and felt the wetness on my fingers in Brianna’s vagina increase as Brianna heated up sexually. Right then, Brianna opened my eyes and looked directly into my eyes and I knew there was about to be another twist to our relationship.
  Brianna’s deep blue eyes captivated me and I knew I was in the process of becoming owned by an 18-year-old girl.
  Still looking directly into my eyes, Brianna told me rather than asked me to ‘get on your knees.’
  I was becoming very, very good at obeying Brianna’s every command and I slipped to my knees, still fully clothed, in front of the young domme girl. I found myself at eye level with Brianna’s gorgeous little twat, a position I had only dreamed about until now.
  Then I heard Brianna’s voice again, a voice marked with increasing maturity and dominance.
  “Listen carefully slut face, my delightful little pussy is now going to capture your face and tongue and use them for its own pleasure. If you happen to derive some pleasure from that meeting, it will only be coincidental. You are to remember for the rest of your life that serving the cunt of a young girl is a blessing of untold proportions. Young pussy is to always be worshiped by you.”
  I would realize later in life that those words continued to have a spellbinding hold on me and fed my kinky desire to be dominated by young girls. I shuffled toward that special place between young Brianna’s thighs on bent knees and planted a light kiss just above the beginning of the younger girl’s pussy crack. Then I took my tongue and parted the girl’s labia, exposing her young and turgid clitoris.
  I had studied the pictures in my mother’s porno magazines long enough to know exactly what was required and I began to swirl my tongue, punctuated by up and down lashing of the sensitive bud.
  Brianna took me by the hair and began leveraging my face and tongue all over her crotch. I loved the sensation of the girl’s leaking pussy being rubbed on my face and was proud that it was my tongue that was bringing young Brianna to the brink of orgasm.
  I also loved it when the young girl started quaking and squealing as the climax overpowered her. Brianna looked down at me and knew that I had conquered on my own my first subby girl. It would hardly be my last.
Nor was she finished with her adventures with me, whose face was now covered with her juices.

more from Chapter Two tomorrow…



Dylan’s father has bartered her away to a wealthy businessman to help fund a movie her father wants to produce.



An eighteen year old girl, Dylan is traded off to a businessman by her father to help finance his next movie, Dylan finds herself on an island paradise with dozens of other girls her age. Her stay on the island will be in a special temple used solely to please other important powerful people.

Dylan, however, must first undergo some training before she can begin her duties. The training is administered by an older girl named Bibi the top girl in the group. The effects of the training and Bibi’s techniques leave Dylan breathless and somewhat embarrassed.

The course requires Dylan to interact with another senior girl, Sarah. Sarah takes Dylan under her wing and prepares her for her first day with the Owner, named Geoff. The preparation includes explaining the deflowering process and the amount of pain she will have to endure.

The entire group or gynaeceum, is on pins and needles as they prepare to service a person known to them as only Barry’s friend. But they are aware Geoff expected even the newest member of the gynaeceum to provide top drawer satisfaction.


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Excerpt from chapter one continue…

I answered the door and was dumbstruck by the beauty of the pair. I was so unnerved that I simply couldn’t speak.
“Cat got your tongue honey?,” Ella asked me. ” Why don’t you invite us in?”
Still not able to speak, I opened the door wide and stared slack jawed as the beautiful Ella Stone and her darling daughter walked in and sat down in the front room. Ella continued to give me orders, telling me to get Brianna and herself something cool to drink. For some unfathomable reason, I did everything Ella told me to do without even thinking about it.
While I was in the kitchen getting glasses of lemonade for Ella and Brianna, my mother, Randi, staggered out from her bedroom, still hung over from a night of revelry. Randi was taken aback by the two beauties sitting in our front room and abashedly excused herself to get cleaned up.
I delivered up two glasses of chilled chardonnay and sat down, finally finding my tongue and asking the Stones if they liked the neighborhood. Ella answered, indicating that they loved their new home but that she and Brianna hadn’t made any friends yet, but were looking forward to getting to know folks better.
When Randi came back from getting cleaned up, she focused her attention on Ella and told me to show Brianna around the house. The two of us ambled off into my room as if we had known each other forever and began looking at my old doll collection. We became fast friends, getting together each day and spending the entire weekends together, including overnight trips.
It didn’t escape my notice that my mother and Ella also became fast friends and if I ever wondered where my mother was, I knew to look first at the Stone’s home. Randi even gave up her drinking and carousing because Ella talked her into it.
And Ella Stone and Randi Sampson were also the subject of one of my fantasies. I imagined my chastened mother serving as a submissive cunt-lapper for the beautiful Ella. Even at my age, I had a real kink for older women serving younger women and girls.
It was probably inevitable that we two girls would get around to sex talk and it came after we had been friends for only about three months. Brianna, who even though she was a few years younger than I, had a super little body that held promise of things to come. But even at 18, Brianna was a little hottie who kept my temperature aroused whenever we were together.
One day while playing Monopoly, Brianna asked me if I ever noticed what big ‘tits’ my Barbie doll had.
“I wish I had tits that big, I know that everyone likes big tits,” Brianna said.
I blushed but was very intrigued by the conversation. I eventually got around to ‘I’ll show you mine if you show me yours’ and I was very impressed when little Brianna took off her top and showed me, who was practically flat chested, the beginnings of what would eventually be a great set of breasts. The games progressed quickly after that until I was soon looking at a completely naked Brianna and was completely mesmerized by the young girl.
What I didn’t and couldn’t know was that Brianna’s mother Ella had been encouraging just such a scenario. Ella was a dominant lesbian and had already seduced my mother into being her bed bitch and cunt lapper.
Randi Sampson, who had sworn off men after her husband died, had become a true submissive under Ella’s seductive spell, willing to do Ella’s every bidding. She was completely in love with the big-titted blonde and was spending every spare waking moment groveling at the domme’s feet. In fact, Ella had Randi well on the way to becoming a complete toilet.
Already, every morning, Randi awoke early to rush over to Ella’s to take the younger woman a cup of coffee and to drink Ella’s first morning piss, when it was strongest.
Ella had decided that having a mother-daughter sub combination would be very satisfying and erotic. Ella had been grooming her daughter as a domme since the girl was seven years old, when Ella had one of her subs at the time eat out the tender slit of her baby daughter. Since then, every sub that Ella domme got to regularly dine on the cunt of her young daughter.
Brianna was very precocious sexually and had been orgasming under the oral ministrations of Ella’s subs ever since. From the first day that Brianna and Ella visited the Sampson’s, it had been Ella’s plan to dominate the two females. Ella, of course, was keeping Brianna completely filled in on her domination of my mother and had even had Randi eat the twat of young Brianna several times. Of course, Randi was too humiliated to confide her secret to me.
With Brianna naked in front of me, my sex drive took over and soon I was sharing my favorite lesbian magazine with the naked girl. Interestingly, I still had my clothes on with the younger girl completely naked and looking at the obscene pictures of lesbians sucking each other’s twats.
For Brianna, this near admission of my lesbianism by me was certainly going to step up the timetable for seduction. Brianna, who was incredibly mature for her age, had figured it might take three or four such sessions to bring me to a willing state of subservience to her. But now she figured that shortly she’d be sitting on my face and enjoying a few fine orgasms.

Tomorrow Chapter Two.  The development of the erotic symbiotic relationship  between the two teens.

Candice Christian – January Spotlight

Spotlight today is on a January release that captures the development of a young girl’s acceptance of her lesbianism and learns to embrace it.


Journey to the Center of Attention

Excerpt from chapter one……

Unfortunately, my mother continued to drink and was often out late at night bar hopping. And when I was home, My mother felt obliged to abuse and mistreat my young body just as her late husband had done. This dysfunctional situation continued for the next year, until I was nine.

One respite from my dreary family life came from a discovery I made one evening while rummaging through my mother’s closet. A lesbian pornography stash of cheap paperback books and smutty magazines was hidden under some of my mother’s paperwork in one corner of her closet.

I began to slip one of the books out each night. The vivid drawings in the books depicting lurid scenes of lesbian lovemaking burned into my brain and stoked ever higher my burgeoning hormonal flow.

The innocent young girl that was me, didn’t even know the word ‘masturbation’, but the drawings and smutty text served as the spark that ignited something in me, and it left me confused and aroused at the same time.

It was good that I did because by the time a was 18,  playing with myself would become virtually my only sexual release as I grew into young womanhood.

After high school, I was able to live at home, while I went to Community College in town.  During my time in college, I often thought that it was this rude introduction to sex that turned me to the kinky obsessions that dominated my life.

The night I found the paperback books and magazines on lesbianism proved to be fateful for me. Looking through the lurid pages of one favorite magazine, I became fixated on the bleach blonde women models with their long legs and big breasts. To my still developing 18-year-old brain, these women seemed like heaven as they fingered, felt up and lapped one another. The text that went along with the photographs only fueled the overheated thoughts in my mind.

That particular magazine never went back into my mother’s closet. Whenever I found it impossible to sneak one of my mother’s other salacious books or magazines out of the closet, I always had the one with my ‘angels’ in it to help me reach orgasm. By the time I turned 19, I realized that I myself must be a lesbian.

Always a mature girl, I knew that it was a very grown-up thought to think of myself as a homosexual. But looking at the lesbian pornography, I was really attracted to the women; not only their blatantly sexual parts such as breasts and genitalia, but their rear ends and beautiful faces as well.

Particularly the blondes, and more particularly the ‘angels’ with large breasts and long legs, excited me. Even at that age, I fantasized, imagining myself in place of the women with their heads buried between their lover’s legs. I learned from the text accompanying the photos that the women were “eating” the private parts of their partners for “total sexual joy.”

I gazed longingly for hours at the close-ups of women performing cunnilingus, carefully studying each part of the spread genitalia depicted before me. Of particular interest to me were the photos of analingus. Little ole me,  just couldn’t imagine the nastiness of sticking my tongue up a woman’s rectum. But I fantasized myself to innumerable orgasms thinking about it.

Again, it was good I could fantasize well because later in life, my fantasies would also make up much of my love life.  By the time I was 20, I was an expert at masturbation, having tried as many possible ways of diddling myself as I could think of.

Then, when I turned 21, a provident change occurred in the neighborhood. That fateful occurrence involved Brianna and Ella Stone moving in across the street.

Ella was a 38-year-old widow and mother of 18-year-old Brianna.  Ella was also a blonde ‘knockout’, a built goddess with a 40D,23,36 figure and a beautiful face to match. Her daughter was a near double, but with the still budding body of a girl not yet in her twenties. Here were two real life ‘angels’, just like the ones in my favorite porno magazine.

And they lived right across the street from me.  From across the street, I could see that Mrs. Stone was the equal of any of the blonde beauties in the lesbian porno magazines I had carefully hidden under my bed. Me, Little Mandy, the 21-year-old vixen predator, was eager to meet the stunningly stacked beauty.

Now, at night, I had switched from fantasizing about the women in the magazines to dreaming and masturbating about Mrs. Stone, my new ‘angel’.  My first opportunity to see Brianna and Ella came less than a week after they moved in when the mother and daughter showed up on our doorstep and rang the front bell.