A married woman in an illicit affair with another younger woman and a police detective who had made it her own personal mission to get rid of each and every morally corrupt person in her city, find themselves on a collision course that’s sure to end in a gruesome murder.


Samantha and Rebecca become involved in an affair; Samantha tries very hard to keep from her husband. When the affair spins out of control Rebecca becomes liability and the older Samantha is at a loss how to handle the situation. Rebecca’s reckless actions threaten to alert Samantha’s husband of the infidelity.

The problem becomes academic when Frank, the husband bust in on the two in the act. The time stands still for both women until one of them takes the matter into her hands and moves to eliminate the problem and neutralize the angry husband. But the solution is less than perfect as both women find out the next day.

Detective Monica White, infamous in her ability to track down criminals, and morally corrupt people, and put them behind bars, appears  at Samantha’s front door. She is looking for Rebecca, who has been reported missing by her parents. Samantha plays it cool and seems to convince Detective White that she and her husband have not seen Rebecca.

But had the detective really been convinced?

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