Candice Christian’s A Close Shave!

A Gift From Candice Christian: ‘A Close Shave’. Only Available in The Bundle Edition of: ‘Slip of the Tongue or Pat on the Cheek!’

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A Close Shave. A new story by Candice Christian and can only be found in her 5 book bundle: Slip of the Tongue/Pat on the Cheek!

Read the exclusive title excerpt here, the entire first chapter.

Never Ride With A Stranger

It was raining again as Robin waited for her lift to school. She was more

interested in the patterns that the falling rain made in the puddles than

the stream of cars heading into the town, which is why she didn’t have time

to step back when the red Porsche drove through the puddle right in front

of her.

“Shit, shit” was all she could think of as the water soaked through her

coat. She looked up to she that the car had stopped a few yards down the

road. The driver’s door opened and a pair of long tanned legs appeared,

followed by the most gorgeous blond woman she had ever seen.

“Are you alright? You must be soaked.” said the woman, “Can I give you a

lift somewhere?”

The cold rain had started to reach her skin making her shiver inside the

thin school blouse, sticking to her bra, making her nipples harden.

Despite all the lessons she had had about not going with strangers she felt

a strange attraction to this strikingly good-looking woman.

In a split second she decided ” You could give me a lift home, it’s not

far, just round the corner.”

She slipped out of her coat before she opened the passenger door and sank

into the supple leather seats. They felt smooth and soft against her bare

legs where her short, pleated skirt ended just above her knee.

“My name is Anna. Where to?” said the woman as she got in and started the


The journey home lasted about two minutes, but they were some of the best

two minutes of Robin’s eighteen years. She spent the entire time taking in

the woman who had picked her up. She was about twenty-two, tall slim with

blond hair cut into a bob. She was dressed in a navy blue business

suit. The skirt was so short Robin thought once or twice, she caught a

flash of shimmering blue panties. The jacket was molded to Anna’s body,

her breasts pushing outward looked firm and high.

The strange feeling in Robin’s tummy was increasing the nearer they got to

her house, why was she so attracted to this woman? She had often seen her

friends in the showers at school and compared her body to theirs, as they

developed from gawky twelve and thirteen year olds to young women. Once or

twice she had thought how it might feel to touch another girl’s breasts, or rub

her body against theirs, but had never taken it any further.

Her nipples were still hard, she realized, closely followed by the

realization that she was getting that turned on feeling she got when she

let Bryan, her boyfriend of six months, caress her breasts through her


“What number”. Anna’s voice woke her from her daydream.

“12” she replied, as the car glided to a halt.

“I feel so awful about this, I’ll have all your clothes dry cleaned.” said

Anna as she followed her to the door.

The House is Empty

The house was quiet, her parents were at work and her younger brother was

at school. Robin showed her to the living room and headed upstairs to


In the bathroom she dropped her coat on the floor. Her blouse and skirt

were soaked through, so they came off and made a pile on the floor. She

turned and looked in the full-length mirror, and liked what she saw.

Her shoulder length red hair looked neat, despite the rain, her slim waist

and her legs were highlighted by the white, silky, high leg pants she had

put on that morning. Her breasts, although she thought them a bit small,

looked good enough to eat in the matching lacy bra.

A noise made her turn, as the door slowly opened and Anna came into the

room. She had taken off her jacket. Her shirt clearly showed the dark blue

bra underneath, through which her nipples poked stiffly.

Without saying a word she began to undo the buttons, then threw the shirt

on to the pile of Robin’s discarded wet things. Her hands went to her

waistband and slowly pulled down the zipper. The skirt joined the other


Robin had been right; Anna was wearing a silky dark blue thong. She

looked stunning.

“I’ve got a confession to make. This morning wasn’t an accident; I’ve been

watching you every day for about two weeks. This morning I saw you there

and decided I had to meet you. I don’t normally pick up women form the side

of the road.”

Robin had never done anything like this before; she stepped forward and

lightly kissed Anna on the lips. A buzz of electricity flowed through

her as Anna opened her mouth and their tongues meet. She tasted of mint.

They were about the same height and as they embraced their nipples

rubbed. Robin thought she was going to explode. Her nipples were sticking

out through her bra; all she wanted was to feel Anna’s hands on

them. She stepped back, reached behind her and unfastened her bra. Anna

leaned forward and gently cupped her right breast, and then slowly her

tongue snaked out and brushed against the nipple.

“My turn” she said as her bra floated to the floor.

Her left nipple was pierced with a small gold ring.

She cupped her breast and offered it to Robin.

As the nipple slipped in to her mouth she could feel the ring against her

teeth, she hooked her tongue into it and pulled gently. Anna squealed

and then her hands grasped the back of Robin’s head and pulled her on to

her breast.

Robin rolled her nipple with her tongue. She sucked the breast into her

mouth and tasted her new friend.

After what seemed like forever Anna gently pulled away, stepped back and

looked at her. Her pussy felt moist and warm, she looked down to see the

blue pants had turned darker where her arousal had soaked through them.

She looked at Robin. Her lips were red and pouty, her nipples were hard and

her lacy white pants were soaked between her long slim legs.

She stepped forward and gently ran her hand over Robin’s smooth tanned

stomach, sliding down and slipping under the waistband; she tugged her

panties down and dropped them with the other clothes.

When she was twelve Robin had gone on her fist beach holiday and her mum

had allowed her to buy the skimpiest bikini in the shop. When she had got

home and tried it on she had realized what her mum had meant by ‘bikini

line’. Her newly developed pussy hairs poked out of the sides of the


It was then that she discovered razors weren’t just for legs. She

had carefully trimmed her red bush. While she was rinsing her hairs away

her she begun to gently rub herself, her finger sliding into her slit and

feeling the small firmness of her clitoris.

As waves of pleasure overtook her she rubbed harder with her thumb, her

finger eased into her slippery warmth, reaching deeper and deeper until

the feelings became too much to bear and a small squeal escaped her lips.

Her first orgasm. Every two or three days since then she had disappeared

into the bathroom for ‘a trim’